Where are you located?

Priscilla is located in Campbell, California.

How far do you travel?

Priscilla can normally be found traveling throughout the Greater Bay Area, but she would love to travel to any destination with you! There is no limit to how far Priscilla will travel. All traveling expenses whether by car or by plane will be billed to the payee. Hotel accommodations must be provided and paid in full by the payee, if the travel time is longer than 1 hour from Campbell, CA, with a start time earlier than 9am.

I am a bride, and I would like to be the only one who gets her makeup done, is that ok?

YES! That is totally ok! There is no minimum number of services needed to book Priscilla as your makeup artist for your wedding day.

Is there a discount offered if I have a lot of bridesmaids in my bridal parties?

No, there is no discount for larger bridal parties.

I am on a budget, is there any flexibility with your prices?

Priscilla believes that everyone should be treated fairly, and aims to be consistent with all her clients so she has posted her prices on her website for all to use as a reference. These are set prices, and there is no flexibility at this time. Priscilla constantly price shops other artists in the same area with the same level of experience to offer a competitive price. Priscilla creates her service prices based off her education, years of experience, level of professionalism, and quality of product.

I have signed a contract, and put down my retainer to reserve Priscilla as my makeup artist for my wedding day. When should I book my complimentary bridal trial?

It is recommended to have your bridal trial 1-2 months prior to your wedding date.

I live out of the area, and need to have my bridal trial the week of my wedding, is that ok?

Yes, Priscilla will accommodate your schedule to the best of her ability to ensure you have your bridal trial when most convenient to your traveling arrangements.

I am a Mother of the Bride/Groom and I do not like to wear a lot of makeup. I am feeling nervous about getting my makeup done, can I have a trial before my son/daughters big day?

YES!! Priscilla adores working with the MOB and the MOG!! She will listen to all your concerns, and guide you in the right direction so you feel confident in person and on camera for all the family photos! A trial to meet Priscilla, and test out your look before your son or daughters special day is $145.00 for a 1-2 hour consultation. 

Is it possible to schedule a trial before signing a contract and putting down a deposit?

Yes, of course! The service fee for a trial without a signed contract is $145.00, and is a separate purchase from the bridal package. Once you feel ready to move forward the bridal package will still be $260.00 and you will still be offered a complimentary bridal trial once you have signed the contract. *While you are free to schedule a trial at any time, Priscilla is unable to guarantee or reserve any requested dates without a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable retainer.

I already had my complimentary trial, and while I loved everything… I think I would like a few more options just to be 100% sure I chose the right look. Is it possible to schedule another trial before my wedding?

YES! Priscilla would love to see you one last time before the wedding day! Because you have signed a contract and already paid your retainer, a second trial is only $95.00 for an additional bridal trial.

Do you offer airbrush makeup application services?

Priscilla’s makeup kit includes multiple complexion options for different skin types, tones, and personal preferences.  While Priscilla is flexible to help you achieve any look, she does also provide an airbrushed option with no extra charge. Priscilla uses Christian Dior’s  Diorskin Airflash Spray Makeup to achieve an airbrushed finish.

Should I buy any makeup for the wedding day?

Priscilla will bring all the products necessary to create your look, so you do not have to buy any cosmetics unless you would like to. Normally, clients will purchase a lipstick or lipgloss so they can touch up after the ceremony and/or dinner.

I just know I will cry, and I’m afraid I will ruin my makeup! Can you stay to help me touch up my makeup?

YES! Priscilla can stay for as long as you need her to! This service is charged by the hour, and most bridal parties reserve touch up services for 1-3 hours, or until pictures with your photographer are completed.  The service fee for touchups is $100 per hour requested.

*Priscilla asks that you communicate this request prior to the day of the wedding so she can be available to you, as well as bring along lunch and dinner if need be.

How do I plan my wedding morning, and make sure we complete makeup on time?

Priscilla will partner with you or your coordinator to create a seamless timeline for you and your bridal party. She will consider what time you need to be in your wedding dress, if you are having a first look prior to the ceremony, or just pictures with your besties! While each makeup application should only take 45-60 minutes, it is always better to have extra time so you do not feel stressed or rushed.

I have a larger bridal party, and we need to be ready very early. Should I hire another makeup artist to help with the timeline?

Priscilla will hire as many artists needed to ensure your wedding day is relaxing and smooth! She can take that additional task off your plate and bring along one of her trained artists! With 6 or more makeup services a second artist is always required. Additional artists are $150.00 and Priscilla will handle all communication, payment, and scheduling for you.

Do you do hair?

Priscilla specializes in skincare and makeup application. With that being said, she does enjoy styling very simple hair designs for creative photoshoots, engagement sessions or maternity sessions. (Please email her for prices.) If you are in need of a hair stylist for your wedding day, Priscilla can offer you a list of her preferred vendors.