Thanksgiving Glamour

Ladies lets take a moment to glam it up for this Thanksgiving Holiday- with false eyelashes! If you're like me working long hours, trying to find time to see your out of town best friends...OH and hosting Thanksgiving're probably a little sleepy. False eyelashes can transform your image in less than seconds making you feel so fabulous you'll forget you were even tired.

I highly recommend MAC's #20 Lash. These are easy to apply on your own, offer an instant lift to the face, and comfortable for the entire day.

First, curl your lashes, than apply Yves Saint Laurent 'Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical' Mascara. Squeeze a pea size of DUO glue onto the plastic lash container, than take the wood part of a q-tip to coat the false lash with glue. When applying the lash, make sure it's precisely on your natural lash line. WA-LAAAA, you're ready to mingle!

For all you ladies who like to keep it natural, take a look can't even tell the lashes are there.

Ashley Maxwell Photography

Have a great Thanksgiving!!