Blue Trees

Often times I tell my husband, "We need to stop and smell the roses babe..." I feel like life can get so routine and so hectic that we don't have time to take a deep breath and really enjoy the air. I love the smell of trees in the morning, damp with the morning dew. There is something so magical about this aroma, maybe because it reminds me of camping as a child or that one week every summer I spent at Hume Lake. Whatever the case, nature rejuvenates my soul. My husband and I spent the other day in Santa Cruz chopping down our Christmas Tree. So for this adventure, I decided to dig deep into my makeup box, and use the most vibrant blue eyeshadow I could find. I was inspired by earth. I intensified the hue by dipping my brush into some water first...I than patted the shadow in it's dry form over the wet pigment to increase it's depth. I blended my crease with MAC's Club eyeshadow. This is a favorite of mine, it's color adjusts to whatever you use it with; it goes great with greens, browns, silvers, or like I used-blues! I tried out my new YSL Automatic Eyeliner in black...and topped it off with YSL's Volume Effect Faux Cils Noir Radical Mascara.

What rejuvenates your soul?