Dates and Dunes

Wednesdays are my favorites days of the week; My day off, and my all day date day with James. Even though it was pretty rainy this Wednesday, we decided to go through with our plans and head up to Santa Cruz anyhow. We had breakfast with some friends at Cafe Brasil. If you ever go there, try the acai berry was quite refreshing. After, we all walked around downtown and checked out some local bike shops. While the boys had their fun, us gals chatted it up about traveling, life, and art. Before we headed over to a cute little surf spot, we gave our friends hugs goodbye for some alone time. It was pretty cold, but a good cold. The sky was gloomy, the air was misty, and the streets where as they should be.

Even though it was my day to be free of makeup, I wanted to get dolled up for my "day date". James always appreciates a natural look, so I decided to keep it classy with my LES 4 OMBRES from Chanel in Dunes. I felt the color choice was appropriate since we were going to the beach. I first applied my paint pot in painterly from MAC as my base, and than I precisely contoured the darkest color in my corner. I blended with the pink tone in my crease, while the silver hue was applied on the base of my eye lid. I finished the look off with the cream color under my brow and right inside my eye right by my nose. To define my eyes, I added Bobbi Brown's gel liner in Chocolate Shimmer, using my lash line as my guide.