The Modern Twiggy

I once had the pleasure of helping a customer create a modern "twiggy" look for her wedding day. I had so much fun escaping the traditional bridal image, she was fun, easy going, and so eager to be unique. She had never worn makeup, so we took a few hours, she invested in the highest quality of tools and cosmetics for her special day. I feel so blessed to be a makeup artist, to paint faces, teach women how to portray themselves the way they see fit, and to be part of such a special memory.

Wildfox, a line inspired by sleepovers, beautiful books, fairies, dreams, vintage t-shirts and the friendship of creators Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon, posted their latest Spring 2011 cover today. I had to share, because I fell in love with their makeup artist: Carlene K.

Such BIG eyes, a plump pouty lip... oh so Twiggy 2011

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Sweet Dreams,