I'm a lucky girl to have such an amazing man in my life, and his appreciation for art is just a bonus. His medium of choice is tattoo ink, and his favorite artist is our dear friend Adam Barton.

Adam is a talented artist. His outlines are precise, his shading techniques are fluid... and he finishes each piece quickly. James always heels fast...and years later the color is just as vibrant as the day it was first done.

Tattoo's are a huge part of my life-mainly because my man is covered head to toe in them. Although I admire the vibrant colors, the detail, and the unique meanings behind the images... I am way to chicken to ever get my own.

It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz today...the music was blaring in the O'Reilly Tattoo Parlour, and a few more additions were made on James' "Choose your Love, Love your Choice" chest piece.

My medium of choice is makeup, some choose tattoo ink, how do you express your artistic side?