Instant smooth, Instant tan, Instant gorgeous!

Readers, I have found a new sunless face tanner that is delicious, flawless, and user friendly. Clarins is well known for their skincare products, however I feel they do best in their sunless self tanners.

Clarins NEW Instant Smooth Tanning
($32.50)product offers a perfect glow for any skin tone or type. Here's how to use it, and why I loved it...

1. I did my normal skincare routine in the A.M, cleanse, tone, hydrate...

2. I used a small amount of Clarins Instant Smooth Tanner as a primer before my foundation (Acacia Micro-Pearls – Moisture-absorbing micro pearls plump-up to fill in lines and wrinkles, diminishing their length and depth).

3. It smelled good, and throughout the day remained pleasant (Carmel apple scent).

4. It's color was natural, and gave me more of a radiance-no streaks! (A few people noticed and complimented my glow...So I continued its use to see the reactions...more compliments came my way!)

5. It helped my foundation last longer!!