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I was catching up on some emails, and feeling so refreshed and motivated by what I was reading. Because I feel so blessed, I wanted to send out a special thank you to my dear readers, my friends, and my fellow partners networking their way to success! I thank you for many reasons...For believing in me, because it empowers me to keep going, and for recommending my makeup services to those around you. I respect the artists I network with, and I am so joyed to be able to represent my fellow entrepreneurs right back!

I am pushing forward and praying to do great things within this year. I am thrilled to work with all my Brides this year, meet new fashionistas, photographers, hair stylists, jewelry gu ru's, pastry chefs,and new friends!

Please email me if you would like to work together for a TFP, create new ideas, or let me update your makeup just for fun :)