Piera Beauty Studio-Lash Extention Review

There are so many "beauty" trends a woman can choose from; airbrush spray tan, hair extensions, waxing... Just to list a few. I am normally a skeptic on the latest fad, and before I venture to a new location to get beautified, I need a girlfriend's referral. If you are my friend, or have been a one of my clients, you may have asked me my thoughts on Lash Extensions. I probably told you to stick with falsies for your special day, just in case...(I would never want you to have crusty, spider legs.)

I am here with an announcement! I now approve of lash extensions!!! -But only if you go see Susana Gonzalez in her darling studio, Piera Beauty.

2 Hour process-the extension is applied 1 lash at a time

First things first, let me tell you about Susy: She has an extensive resume in the cosmetic industry, having worked for some of my favorite companies like MAC, Nars, and most recently Bobbi Brown. Susy is also certified to perform waxing, facials, and lash extensions. While she has plenty of years of experience, and education in the beauty industry, the best thing about Susy is her personality. She is a genuine, warm, and kind soul. I find her truly inspiring, because of her positive and respectful attitude. It is safe to say, you will be very calm and relaxed after your 2 hour visit with this sweet gal.

10 days later, I have only had about 5 lashes fall off

When you are working with artist of any type, let them be in charge. Sometimes you have an idea of what you want, but if you let the expert make the decisions they will do their best work. Once I walked into Piera Beauty Studio, I let Susy have all control because I trust her work. She knows my style is more classic and timeless, so she used:

-Silk, J Curl lashes

-50 individual lashes on each eye

-sizes, 10, 11, and 12

-applied with 3D glue

Wash your face gently, avoiding the eye area. Cleanse the eye area with Q-Tips and water.

Why I love my lash extensions...

-no need for mascara
-no need for a lash curler
-they do not feel heavy
-my eyes are defined from afar
-the way they were applied was so natural...people have to stand very close to see if they are fake or real (I have received so many compliments!)

Piera Beauty Studio is located in San Francisco. To book your appointment with Susy call her at 650-872-2636 and let her know you are my friend.

Here's to another week without using mascara!!!