River Veda- River of Knowledge

Entrepreneurs who are evolving the beauty industry are extremely inspiring-especially a woman like, Megan Douglas, who has a story behind her line River Veda. To me, the story is like an inspiration board behind a clothing line-it's insight into the process of how something was created. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was a fashion designer in London before she created River Veda. Read all about her story here!

Its been over a week now since I've been using The Everyday Evening Primrose moisturizer and the Freshly Free Facial Toner.The toner's key ingredient is Aloe Vera Organic juice, which will heal any skin disturbances. It's suitable for any skin type because it is so gentle. It feels like you are wiping water on the skin because there is no sting or tingle.The packaging won me over before I even opened the moisturizer!! It's shaped like a tooth paste tube...and I loved that I had to pierce the opening before using (I felt comfortable that I was using an extremely fresh product!) The scent reminds me of a sugar cookie, it's not overwhelming, more citrus than than sweet hmmmm. The texture is rich, but blends into the skin pretty fast so there is no heavy feeling throughout the day.

*My skin is more oily, but lately I've been testing out more hydrating products to prevent wrinkles and slow down the aging process of my skin. So far, this has been one of the more effective moisturizers I've used in a long time! If you feel it's too heavy for you, just use it at night.

This vegan skincare line also has a partnership with Indian Community Farms-giving back to our world-which I think is so neat... Make sure to follow on River Veda on Facebook to stay up to date with this New Zealand skincare line!