More Girly Things

Pink is not a normal hue in my own personal makeup bag. I love it on my clients, but it has never been the color I am drawn to-yet, I'm slowly coming around this season!! I want everything ubber-girly pink right now! I bought Nars New Order the other day just because it was pink with glitter in it...I'm addicted. 

When you have a medium tan to deep skin tone you have to choose the correct pastels so you don't look washed out (especially in pictures). Grey is one of my favorite eyeliner colors to opt for when wanting a lighter's not as harsh as black and its not as common as brown. It is a nice change of pace for your daily look (oh and it pairs well with anything pink). I'm going to consider the color grey a pastel for the sake of this post. Light or deep skin tones can alwaaays wear a bold pink lip-I have my eye on MAC's Candy Yum Yum. If you want to create a creamier consistency or tone your hot pink lips down a bit, glosses with a white undertone can help with that. 

For those with more fair tones, feel free to slather on Nars Copacabana Liquid Illuminator. It's wonderful to brighten up the face-and rid of those dark shadows under the eyes. Mixing it with your concealor can add a nice lifting effect as well. Powders can also perk up the skin to give a refreshed glow...I will use a loose or pressed powder, just as long as it has a hydrating property in it. It is really nice during colder seasons, as our skin can get chapped and affected by the wind/cold air. Even us with oily skin need hydration, so any skin type can try Bobbi Brown's new Brightening Finishing Powder.

Nail polish is one way to bring any and every color into your life, and this New Years Eve I decided Strawberry Milkshake by Ciate complimented by tan quite well! It takes a few coats to get the right look, but well worth the effort. 

Here's to a year full of more girly things!