Lash of Love

Every 12 months a new Lash of Love is introduced by Faux Lash. It's been a while since the "Priscilla" Lash has been out, but I wanted to remind everyone about it before it's no longer around!! 

When you purchase the "Priscilla" Lash for $10 the proceeds are donated to The Women's Global Empowerment Fund.

Their mission is to reach undeserved women, create opportunities, and offer tools to alleviate poverty! I have a heart for missions, and God has put a strong desire in me to encourage women in all areas of life. While my main objective is encouraging women's confidence through beauty and cosmetics, I can't help but want to invest in helping women build livelihoods-The Women's Global Empowerment Fund strives to develop a program that helps women support their families in Uganda!!! 

Lipstick: Pretty Amazing Lip Color in Free Will by BareMinerals
Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC
Lipstick Media by MAC

The "Priscilla" Faux Lash is extremely versatile. It's just like a lady: delicately made, soft when it needs to be, and strong when the time is right!

It's weight is feminine and dainty so your eyes won't be bothered, and it's length is long and dramatic to really open up the eyes. I wanted to show you how this false lash can work for any occasion-no matter what you are wearing or feeling!

Thanks to photographer Em The Gem for capturing these images.