Bridal Beauty Style with is a blog that helps brides design and plan their dream wedding. They have asked me to get a little creative, and create the perfect bridal makeup looks based off my favorite wedding gowns on their site. This is actually something I do with my brides too! I need to see "the dress" to help me figure out what will be best for her personality, and her overall feeling she would like to portray on her special day!

Au Naturel

I chose the "Winnie" bohemian gown for the "au natural" gal because it's important that she feels comfortable on her special day. This year's biggest trend for my bride's was to be "au natural"- her goal was to wear as little makeup as possible... with barely there nudes, pale pinks, and soft apricots to compliment her natural beauty.  Quality products are a key investment to prep the skin before any makeup- I used Dior's DreamSkin to achieve this flawlessly natural look because it diffuses redness, pigmentation, and texture before any makeup is applied. While it is skincare, it's the ideal prep for the "au natural" bride!


Rompers are just too cute, but they are practical because you can wear them again and again after the big day!!! I chose the "Prato" romper for my Modern Bride who does things different. She sets her own rules, and does what works best for her and her future spouse- I worked with a lot of brides who eloped this year.  I think this is the perfect outfit if your venue is at city hall, your grandparents backyard, or even a fancy restaurant!  The modern bride is so sophisticated, she's classic at heart with her glowing skin and winged liner, but she likes to makes a statement with her modern hot pink lip color!!!! I love the Full Bodied Buxom Lipstick color "Exhibitionist" finished with "Priscilla" Nars Lip Gloss.


I thought the "Penelope" gown was so sexy with the sweetheart neckline, and so sweet with the blush hues sneaking through the sheer tulle skirt! As we transition seasons and get into the cooler weather, I start to see all the girls who love to wear makeup. The "glamorous" girls love their smoldering bedroom eyes and their seductive dark lips.... I thought this dress would be the perfect balance with a "glamorous" makeup look! Long lasting products are best for the gal who likes to wear darker colors, so if she tears up nothing is out of place!! ...and just in case a setting spray can't hurt! I've been loving the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Spray to secure my brides' seductive looks.

It was a fun project, thanks for including me!!! Check out Polyvore for any of the cosmetic links you'd like to look at.

What was your favorite gown + makeup look?