Vendor Feature: Photographer Lindsey Hahn

While my clients, personality and skin type are extremely important in determining what products I choose to use on her for her wedding day- I do a lot of research on her chosen photographer too. How the photographer captures things, and edits aids me in finalizing my bride's makeup look. When our work flows well and compliments one another-the outcome is mind blowing. I also love working alongside another vendor who maintains the required professionalism needed, can have fun while still getting the job done, and their personality is genuine and caring. 

I had the pleasure of interacting with photographer Lindsey Hahn for a few hours this past summer and she was a joy to work with. Her presence was calm, but her actions were precise-she knows her art, and she knows it well. Lindsey captures the right angle in every picture, whether its an action shot or a posed shot. Every photo from Erin's wedding made a statement to me, intense, fun, sexy, emotional, loving...I can go on and on. 

Individual Variety Lashes by Faux

Bobbi Brown Light Brown Kit
This is one of my favorite pictures!

Maybelline, Superstay 24 Color in Perpetual Plum

As a makeup artist, I really appreciate the fact that Lindsey did not alter any of the colors in the makeup for my bride Erin. The eyeshadow looked gold in every photo, and the mauve lip color stayed the same in every single image. She allowed my artwork to shine through, and captured my work even better than I imagined!

MAC, Eye Khol Pencil in Fascinating (In her waterline)
Mother, Bride, and Sister's Makeup by Priscilla Francine Makeup 
Lindsey Hahn is located in Paso Robles, and while she is a wedding photographer she also has alot of experience working on editorials too-and wow is it amazing stuff!!! I am looking forward to using her at some point for my own personal pictures, and can't wait to see how she captures me and my hubby!!!

Check out her Facebook, Blog, and Website to see more of her artwork.

Priscilla Francine

Backstage with Nars Spring 2012

Oh Nars, how you make my eyes get wide with excitement! I love pictures that allow you to view the craziness backstage of a fashion show. I feel the rush, the adrenaline the artist is experiencing...maybe it's the coffee and rockstar they ate for breakfast?? or...maybe it's being in the moment of creating artwork for the world to see.

DESIGNER INSPIRATION: "For Spring / Summer 2012, we were inspired by Van Gogh's brushwork within his paintings, said Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte.

LOOK: "It’s a really beautiful, round, smoky eye with gradations of blue,” said lead artist James Kaliardos for NARS Cosmetics “It’s like ‘Starry Night’ and then there’s this beautiful lavender lip, complemented by warm skin.”

DESIGNER INSPIRATION:"The Spring 2012 collection is an expression of fluidity and softness and modernity in terms of fabrics and shapes and styling," said designer Daryl Kerrigan. "This season also marks a continuation of my exploration into prints through a collaboration with artist Spencer Sweeney."

LOOK: "It complements Daryl's collection without overpowering it," said Uzo, NARS International Lead Makeup Artist. "A subtle swipe of blue along the lash line creates a playful affect but the strong brow and radiant skin add confidence."

DESIGNER INSPIRATION: "It's the idea of the iconic American cowboy gone multi-cultural. The color story came from India, inspired by the spice market -- but with a cowboy flair," said designer Thakoon Panichgul.

LOOK: "Because the collection is so colorful, I wanted to focus on a classic, strong brow. I kept the face natural, with a little pink on the cheek for healthy color. On the eyes, I focused on contouring to show strength and attitude, a cowboy attitude that is," said makeup artist Diane Kendal for NARS Cosmetics.

DESIGNER INSPIRATION: "It's Jean Michael Basquiat on the coast,” said designers Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein. “The collection is very surf-inspired but ‘cool’ surf. Like a New York artist on the coast.”

LOOK: "The girls look really expensive,” said James Boehmer, NARS Director of Global Artistry. “The blush and loose powder that we used makes them look golden and sun-burnt.”

DESIGNER INSPIRATION: “A free-spirited woman in pursuit of love,” said designer Joy Cioci about the inspiration behind her collection. “The pieces are effortless, but luxe with a juxtaposition of soft details and vibrant colors.”

LOOK: “Radiant skin is having a moment again,” said Uzo, NARS International Lead Makeup Artist. “We were seeing very matte skin throughout the past few seasons, but dewiness is back, paired with a precisely-lined, bold lip. It’s elegant but it’s tough.”

Visit their Facebook to see what Nars products you need to recreate these makeup looks.