First things First

I have jumped the gun on my makeup advice, since we've gone over some fun stuff let's get down to business with some makeup essentials: Facial Primer!

Oily skin, pores, fine lines, dry flaky skin...sound like one of your concerns? Does your makeup move, or absorb during the day? There are solutions besides finding the appropriate cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. The quickest solution is Smashbox Primer. Click here to find the right one for your concerns. My favorite is the Photo Finish Light. The texture is creamy, it doesn't absorb too fast, never rolls, and it feels super light weight. Some primers that feel too light make me feel like I'm adding a step for no reason, photo finish light gives me the confidence that this step is essential.

Here are steps to a great day with no need for a touch up at lunch time:

1. wash face
2. tone skin
3. serum
4. eye cream
5. moisturizer
6. get some spf somewhere, either moisturizer or foundation...
7. or maybe two pumps, use your hands, and spread on entire face
8. foundation... and rest of makeup application necessary

Smashbox primer has some helpful ingredients for maintaining a flawless face:
Here are my top 3 picks:
1.Obviously Photo Finish light-Oil free, water base filled with Vitamins and peptides
2.Photo Finish Primer SPF with DERMAXYL COMPLEX- clinically proven to reduce wrinkles
3.Photo Finish Adjust Green-soy and lemon grass to soothe redness

This is great for a long day, wedding, photo shoot... or if you have no time to touch up. Enjoy this savory product-next we'll talk about eye primers...