No more greasy, creasy eyelids!

Every woman needs a quality eye shadow primer. I feel like I have a new favorite primer every year... so this year I choose Lancôme's 'Aquatique' Waterproof EyeColour Base ($24.50). It absorbs oil to eliminate movement or creasing at the end of a fabulous night. To get the most out of this eyeshadow primer, use your finger to warm the product up with a circular motion, than apply to entire eyelid and under brow. There is no color so this will work for any skin tone: however, it will fade a small amount of discoloration on the eyelid. Another option, is to next apply MAC's paint pot in painterly ($16.50) over the primer. Paint pots are highly pigmented eye colors that go on creamy but dry to an intense, vibrant finish. Use a cream shadow brush to apply MAC's paint pot. The reason I suggest Painterly, is because it will eradicate all purple, blue or green in eye lid...therefore letting your powder shadows show off their true colors! Painterly is a nice trick for a lazy day to quickly give your eyes a pick me up. It is not necessary to use both products, so test out one at first, play around with it to see what you really need.

Let me know how long your shadow lasts after using these products!