Kissy Faces!

Last week's blogs have been all about the lips, so let's continue to investigate our options.

Makeup always makes a gal feel confidant... I love after I've finished a makeover and her hair comes down and she puckers her lips-Before she speaks, I know I have exceeded her expectations and she feels HOT! One way to instantly make a gal (or a guy, after a quick kiss)pucker up is to use a Lip Plumper. "OUCH" is most likely your first thought, however I have found a winner!

Bare Escentuals created their "Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish" Line for women to 'unleash their feminine charm'. The variety of colors are classic, and the gloss is infused rich with Vitamins. I love how there is no sting, burn or redness after applying. The sensation is cooling, and is intensified when a breeze blows by. No plumper will enlarge your lips in an instant, but within time a plumper will increase the level of firmness, therefore making your lips larger. The Buxom collection is a great source of hydration for your lips.

A few of my favorite colors are: Dolly, Trixie, Destiny, and Sandy. $18