Countdown to Summer Camp...

During our hectic and very routine days, I find myself with the same mentality that I once had as a child...Counting down to summer camp. Counting down the months, weeks, and days helped me get through school. Now that I am an adult, weddings seem to be my new summer camp. The summer season is full of joy, warmth, and memories. I take pride in being part of another woman's special day. How she looks the day she walks down the aisle,this is what she has been dreaming of since a young child. I count down the days till I have a wedding to do makeup at...and when the season ends, I ponder how time flies when you're having fun.

Jasmine was such a sweetie. She came in very open minded, and we ended up doing a different color combination on the day of her wedding than we had practiced during her trial. I love a woman who is spontaneous and open to new ideas. She was my first bride where I used black eyeshadow on. We of course used the last supplies of Shu Uemura's eyelashes (so sad they went back to Japan). Long lasting MAC lip color. Precriptives custom blend foundation. NARS blush! Jasmine was so exotic...Thank you for letting me part of your memories!

Photography by Ashley Maxwell
Hair by Lisa and Danielle from the Mona Lisa Salon

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