When a girl has it all... what does she do?

I recently just got married... and I considered my Wedding Day Look for months...even though I am around makeup for 40 hours of the week and I carry about 15 lip glosses in my purse on a daily basis, I found it super easy to pick YSL as my lip gloss for my special day.

I am a huge fan of a nude lip. I love a white hue as the base of a gloss, the creaminess of a white undertone is so sexy to me. Since we naturally have pink, purple, and sometimes red in our lips this lip gloss cuts the color perfectly to achieve the perfect nude look.

YSL's marketing has the right balance of lust and sophistication combined. I drool whenever a new advertisement arrives, excited to play with the new products and feel the textures. YSL's "Gloss Pur" Pure lip gloss has a healthy texture. It is not sticky, it's hydrating yet long lasting.

It's $30... and my must have on a daily basis.

Stay tuned for my favorite products this week...