Faithfully Yours...

Although I should uphold my appearance at all times due to being a makeup artist, I am super lazy to reapply my lipstick... once it wears off I reapply with just a gloss.

Long wear, waterproof, anything that will last the entire day is my friend. I always put my brides in MAC Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour or Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra lip color, these are great for kissing and eating, however they can get a little dry at the end of the day.

So when MAC came out with the new Pro Longwear Collection I decided to compare the textures.

These new 'Pro Longwear' Lip creme ($16) lipsticks last for 12 hours. No need for a lip liner or gloss for this look! They do transfer just a smidge onto your main man, buuut they are way more hydrating!

Check out "Faithfully Yours" it's the hottest color-I become obsessed with new colors that have never been made before. It is purple, with a gray undertone. OOH LA LA... so fashion forward! It's a great Fall lip color, and it will go great with my favorite nail polish...(stay tuned for the brand and color).

Don't be afraid to try new colors, just be confidant and hold your head up high!