Elite and High Culture Brows

My first healthy relationship with cosmetics began with a line called Benefit. Benefit had so much personality, we always had fun together so when I moved into a more mature cosmetic relationship I had high standards that needed to be met.

I still have my assortment of beginners products...I just can't seem to let go of those past memories. The "IT" Stick, Dallas...and my all time favorite product High Brow.

High Brow is like a past love letter that will never get thrown away, it's just too good to be true and you'll never find anything like it again.

Highbrow is synonymous with intellectual; as an adjective, it also means elite, and generally carries a connotation of high culture. I would say Benefit gave this Brow lifting pencil an appropriate title.

To use, draw a line under your eyebrow. To blend, use a cream shadow brush or your fingers if you must. This pencil blends with all skin tones, and will hide any out of place hair. It's great alone to open up the eyes, or used as the finishing touches to fade out a smokey eye.

It's a makeup must have for only $20 (You will need a dual pencil sharpener)

Click here for a tutorial for the perfect brows!

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