Valentines preview

Valentines is soon approaching. Here are a few products that will make you feel sassy for your man-or just for yourself!

1.Obviously you can tell Lippmann is my choice for nail color, so if you are craving some bling this Valentine Day try her divine diamond shimmer which contains Virgin Diamond Powder for your lady fingers.
Deborah Lippmann's "BRING ON THE BLING" nail color $20.00

2.If love had a scent, it would smell like philosophy's unconditional it firms up the body, no work out needed!
philosophy's "unconditional love" perfumed firming body emulsion $34

3.If you can find one, try to...make your home smell like chocolate covered strawberries without indulging in the calories.
Godiva Chocolate Strawberry Rose Candle (Limited Edition)

4.Tantalize the room with O-gloss lip plumper and be ready to pucker up after! It conforms to your lip color, so every gal will experience a different hue.

5.Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful campaign is quite liberating...and her limited edition palettes are too cute!
Bobbi Brown's "Pretty Face Palette" $60

6.I choose Miss Dior Cherie as the perfect Valentine Fragrance, because I wore this on my wedding day-all fragrances carry memories...what does your fragrance say to the world?
Miss Dior Cherie Eau De Parfume $95

7. Most likely you'll be showing some legs, so perfect them with a little glimmer to erase any imperfections.
Benefit's "take a lasts longer..." a silky glimmering body balm $28

8.Love spell is a classic, but have you ever tried the Shampoo or Conditioner, I promise men will sniff you out and ask to smell your hair if you do.
Victoria Secrets "Love Spell" Shampoo $9 and Conditioner $10

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