Yellow Details

     Details. The smallest detail can change an event...and make or break a lifetime of memories. Bridal showers are one detail of a girls life that definitely make the dreamy wedding story complete.
     Today was my dear friend Jen's bridal shower. Although I've been in family weddings and in my own wedding (hehe)...this will be my first friend's wedding I will be a part of. Her shower was a day full of good company, and impeccable attention to detail. I found delight in the detail of the handmade wine glass charms, spicy Cajun pasta, colored sugar on the glasses, and the groom and bride cupcake toppers.

As I planned my outfit for the event, I coordinated my makeup to complete the story. Garden of Eden Yves Saint Laurent's 'Ombres 5 Lumieres' Palette was the perfect match to my Maggie Ward dress. My delight for detail is found in my makeup. I thrive off inspiring colors, such as my new yellow belt that finished my outfit. Yellow is so vibrant, and unexpected, yet its chic and still embodies the earthiness found in green.

Detail is a must for a lady, whether it is being showcased in a large event like her bridal shower, or smaller things like what color her nail polish is going to be for the week...