Hair with Texture

Hairspray, mouse, balm, fine tooth combs, round combs, curling irons...all these items create an illusion and add texture to your hair. My dear friend Danielle, who runs her business in Los Gatos at the Mona Lisa Salon, has been so kind to introduce me to Unite Hair products. I first fell in love with their Blonda Shampoo (Wonderful for those who's blonde turns brassy or orange over time). Then...Danielle showed me Boosta Spray, which I have blogged about here. NOW....she has me using the Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, the leave in conditioner spray, and the Session Max Spray! first "hair routine."

I have also been itching for a curling hair lacks the ability to hold a curl for more than 10 minutes and it makes me sad. Hot Tools, however is making me happy.

To get this look... I spray Boosta Spray at my roots while my hair is wet. After I blow dry my hair, I begin to curl small sections of my hair. Instead of starting from the bottom and rolling up, I begin in the  middle of the sectioned off hair. If I need to go back and perfect the bottom I will, this look is more modern. To finish, I spray Session Max Spray from the bottom of my curls. I brush this out so it appears softer, and the hair spray isn't as "crunchy".

I was inspired by this background at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The earth was hard, and the dirt was was a beautiful intense texture.