Top 10 Beauty rules for a Bride

Wedding season is what I live for, what I dream about at night. It's my passion, to enhance a bride's face to make her feel like a princess for the day. Speaking of princesses and princes...In honor of Prince William & Kate Middleton's wedding this Friday, Danielle, writer of Breakfast at Toast, is hosting a Blog Crawl. I was thrilled to participate.

I'm overwhelmed at what to say...because I have so much to say. I find many things important for a wedding. So as a makeup artist, I thought I would tell you my top 10 beauty rules for YOUR special day:

1. Start a skin care routine at least 5 months before your day, and invest into a Clarisonic to begin perfecting your skin. Skincare will give you that "bridal" glow.

2. Wear MAC lashes #20 and #30, and YES, use both! The corner lashes will give they eye a lift and just enough drama, the individuals will blend the half lash and give a natural soft enhancement.

3. Prep with Smashbox's Anti-Shine and Primer. First, apply the anti-shine and than the primer, each will eliminate movement of your foundation, which makes you look flawless all night long!

4. Take time for a body wrap!!!!! They really do work, just tell them exactly what areas you want to concentrate on. I guarantee you will slide into that white dress with no issues.

5.Wear a long lasting lipstick so kissing is no issue. MAC's Pro Longwear lip color and Chanel's Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Lip color will last till the next morning...

6. Splurge and get hair extensions. The extra volume will give you the perfect curl. The extra length will give you the perfect up-do. Don't worry about the $$$, it's worth it!


8.If you spray tan, don't spray your face! If the face gets sprayed, hurry home and wash it off. Why?
a.) Makeup goes on smoother.
b.) When you sweat, it smells weird.
c.) You don't want to risk a "bronzer mustache".

9. Make sure your foundation color is PERFECT. Find a salon or makeup brand that customizes foundation, or a makeup artist that can create the perfect blend. If you can't...purchase Dior's Diorskin Airflash Spray.

10. Fragrances make memories come alive, so choose wisely. It seems silly, but this scent will give you butterflies for years to come. Click here to find out what I wore on  my wedding day.

As much as I love makeup and beauty, looks will make sure the man you are marrying is your best friend. 

Ashley Maxwell Photography
My dress: Trudy's. Flower Girl: JCrew. Bridesmaids: Priscilla of Boston.
Artwork: Triton Museum in Santa Clara

Last but not least,  enjoy every moment!!!!!!