The Perfect Eyebrows

Do you have a "trademark", something that people recognize you for? One of my trademarks would have to be my eyebrows, and honestly without my eyebrows I just don't feel the same! I feel a little uncomfortable when they are not filled in and groomed properly. 
It's a make or break the face kinda thing. Without realizing it, you can make yourself look angry, sad, or surprised depending on your eyebrow shape. With that being said, brow shaping must be done correctly according to the structure of your face. First things first, check these 3 points to ensure your eyebrows start, arch, and end in the correct places according to your personal facial features. 
You will need a straight object to help guide your "lines". 
1. Where should the brow start? The edge of your nose should line up with the inside corner of your eye...and that's where the beginning of your brow should be. 

2. How to get the perfect arch? Create an imaginary line...start from the bow of your lip, line it up with the edge of your nose...where does it end? It should end at the highest point of your brow, which is your arch. If it's not there, you can grow/pluck or fill in accordingly. 

3. Where does the brow end? Angle your "straight object" from the bow of your lip, line it up with the edge of the nose and the outside corner of the eye. 

Brow trends change season to season, but full brows seem to be sticking around!! In the past, sharp and defined brows were in style... If you are like me, and you over plucked in the early '90's you may be dealing with some sparse areas. My brows do not grow quickly, and when they do grow it is spotty, so I must fill in the gaps. 

I use Christian Dior's Universal Brow Styler to connect my arch, it's a one color fits all, it warms up to your skin so you will always have the most natural color! It has a wax texture on first application, but once your soften it into the skin it becomes more like a powder. Afterwards, I set my brows with Bobbi Brown's Brow Powder with a thick and firm brow brush.

Here are a few tools/brushes I choose to use on a daily basis:

1. MAC's #266 brush has the perfect angle, and is very thin for a precise application.
2. Smashbox's #12 angled brush is stiff and firm for a softer look and great for blending product into the skin for a more natural look.
3. I brush my hair upwards with MAC's #204 Lash Brush

Depending on your preference, and how much time you have to get ready... Brow gel is the fastest application and they are great for hair that has its own agenda, its also great to hide those stubborn little grey hairs! Pencils are the next in ease, but may take a few more seconds for precision. Powder may seem like the most time consuming, however you have more flexibility with the product, resulting in a more natural finish. Waxes are also an option and can add durability to the length of the product during a lengthy (warm) day. 

Now who is rocking the big and bold brows this season??? 

Priscilla Francine 

Flawless Skin

One of the most important things to learn about makeup application is how to achieve a flawless face. ModCloth employee, Molly, was a great face model so I'm going to walk you through the steps before eyes and lips with her. First things first, learn your skin type-Most women are a combination of oily and dry, so I use multiple products to prep the skin to compliment each concern:

1. Prep the skin with Laura Mercier's Secret Finish-Mattifying liquid gel, concentrating on the T-Zone, or wherever skin is the most oily.
2. Apply an invisible creamy gel, like Laura Mercier's Oil Free Foundation Primer or Hydrating Foundation Primer on the entire face to help foundation last longer and lay natural on the skin.
3. The next step is optional, but my favorite...I love the effect Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer adds to the dull, dark, or dry skin. (Especially in photos! It adds a beautiful glow to the skin!) I only apply this product under the eyes, maybe a little on the apples of the cheeks, or anywhere necessary to add life to the face.

4. Hide dark circles or any pigmentation on the face with Estee Lauder's Double Wear Concealer
5. Shake and than Spray Dior's Airflash Foundation on a flat, blunt-cut brush and buff onto the skin.
6. Add shape to the face by contouring under your cheekbone, top of the forehead, nose, chin, and under the jaw with a matte bronzer. 
7. Add a rosy hue of color to the apple of the cheek, overlapping the bronzer just a bit.
8. Highlight the inside of the nose and sweep Soft Tints by Smashbox over the blush and bronzer. *A great trick to add volume to your lips...dust the shimmery powder in the bow of your upper lip!
9. Highlight under your eyebrow to lift and open up the eye, using Highbrow by Benefit.

10. Softly blend into the eye with a cream shadow brush, or your fingers.

Wedding Season is here-and ModCloth spent all of last week indulging it's readers in Momentous Marrry-ment! I was a guest artist, featured on their blog for the special occasion. Now that you have read all about the first steps to beautiful skin, check out my updated version of Pretty Pastel makeup to finish your look. It's a great look for any bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest! 

Priscilla Francine

Lemons & Limes

This Sunday was warm, and the perfect day for an outdoor bridal shower! The theme of the party was citrus... and the soon-to-be Mrs. provided us with the perfect inspiration board, thanks to pinterest, as we planned for the festivities. Lemons, limes (and a few oranges) were on our plates, in our drinks, and even in the guest's goodie bags!! The mother of the bride found the perfect dress aligned with the theme, so she suggested the bridesmaids join in on the fun. I was unable to find a "citrus" themed outfit-so of course I had to paint my eyes with bold hues of yellow and green! Ironically, the last friend's bridal shower I attended, I wore yellow shadow-I think I may have started a tradition for myself without even knowing it!!

Makeup Tip: When wearing color on the eyes, opt for bronzer on the cheeks and nude lips!
Foundation: Diorskin Airflash
Steps to achieve this look:

1. Prep entire eyelid with MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly
2. Contour the outside corner of your eye with a green shadow (I used my ELF Kit) using a pony tail brush
3. Pat a yellow shadow in the center of your eyelid, overlapping the green to blend the two colors together, with the Tapered Shadow Brush #7 by Smashbox.
4. Apply a white or cream shadow in the inside corner of your eye... after apply something sparkly just for fun!
5. To seamlessly blend your colorful shadow into your brow bone... take a peachy, neutral matte shadow and apply it directly into your crease. This will soften the edges of the green shadow so it doesn't end abruptly.
6. Apply eyeliner (Tutorial here), mascara, and fill in your brows!

Stop by my pinterest to see more images and the rest of my outfit!!!


Go Green

Most photographers that have worked with me, know I love any image that has warm, romantic lighting...there is something about the tone that melts my heart. Even though the skies have been dreary and dull lately, I see no reason to have a look that it cold too. I prefer to warm my skin, eyes, and lips with golden shimmers.

Headband also from Francesca's
 On my eyes: My base color is Queen Phyllis by Bare Escentuals-a necessity for every girls makeup bag! Next,I lined my top and bottom lash line with Java Limitless Eyeliner by Smashbox. Last, for a little definition in the crease of your eye, take an already used bronzer brush (left over product should still be on the brush) and softy dust it on your eyes.

Nude Lip Trio
Sometimes I think that colors are created by accident, like this lime green sweater I purchased from Francesca's. It has a wonderful yellow undertone that matches perfectly with golden tones, so I had to have it.

Have you gone green yet?


Modcloth-Fantastical Voyage

The Fantastical Voyage Collection, photographed by Kristin Cofer, was finally posted on Modcloth! I have been so excited to share these images with you all! To see the rest of the darling outfits click here.

My inspiration stemmed from Modcloth's retro style: My vision was to have a defined eye and lip that would grab the camera's attention, while the skin was classic-offering a doll like feeling. These are my 3 favorite hairstyles of the moment: big and full curls, the victory roll, and the fishtail braid.

What's on her lips? Pro Longwear Lipcolor by MAC in Lasting Lust
How to make your skin glow like hers...use a Smashbox highlighter on the top of your cheekbones!!! 

What Lashes is she wearing? Roxy's by FAUX

*The Roxy lash evokes old Hollywood glamour. These full figured, jet black lashes will have you feeling like a pin up model. To add to the allure, top these off with a little black liquid liner and a sexy red lip. $9.00

Makeup and Hair by Priscilla Francine
Photography by Kristin Cofer
Wardrobe by Modcloth

What is your favorite outfit?


3 Fall looks on Blair of Atlantic Pacific

This Fall reach for colors that are unexpected! We are breaking many rules this year, which is so exciting. Blair is wearing 3 vibrant pieces:a yellow sweater, pink pants, and a blue top...I did not want to overwhelm this look with too much color for her makeup. If you love color in your wardrobe try avoiding too much color in the cheeks. I used Soft Lights -Prism, by Smashbox, a great pressed powder highlighter to give the skin a dewy appearance. The focus for her makeup is a Glitter Girl favorite-bright fuchsia lips!

Let's recreate the 70's but keep it up to date and classy! While color up to the brows is trendy for the runways, I kept Blair's shadow from the eyelid to the eye crease to make it more realway. I was inspired by YSL's Ombre Solo, Lasting Radiance Eyeshadow, in 005 Slate Green. Start with a creamy base, press/pat on the color, and softly blend it out on the creases with a clean pony tail brush. False Lashes are my go to accessory for Fall. It adds texture to your look, just like adding a fur vest to your outfit adds a contrast of materials. Try the Bianca's by Faux Lash. The combination of the black and brown hairs complete the idea of depth and volume!

3.Rocker Chic
"A woman should never look like she is trying too hard...always appear effortless, even if its not" -George Sharp, creative director at St. John. The rocker look is not for everyone, so don't feel the pressure to do something so forced, that you are not comfortable-you should always feel comfortable. A winged liner paired with a deep lip is mysterious...I LOVE Media by's pigment was intense and completes a leather pant and sequin hat outfit! *Love this look but not sure it's you? Try Black Honey Almost Lipstick by Clinic for just a stain.

Photography/Video:Michelle Drewes
Model:Blair Eadie writer of Atlantic Pacific Blog
Editorial posted on Glitter Guide
Hair & Makeup by ME!