Wipe it off...or keep it on??

Heidi Morgan Photography

I work in an industry where new things are popping up all the time... some trends I love, some I like, some I am confused by. While I am an adventurous gal, I too have my moments where I need to stay in my comfort zone. I normally tell my friends and clients, if you really hate it...you can always wipe it off or re-do it. No need to fret my friends, cosmetics should be FUN!!! So, I thought I would be fun and try the new "painting one nail a different color" trend. I have gotten mixed reviews, and oddly enough it's the more mature crowd that is digging this and the younger crowd who is frowning down upon my one finger ;) WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Nail color's by Deborah Lippman: Satin Doll and Pop Life.

...this is a sneak peak from a photo shoot I did with Sterling Style, Danielle Derksen, Heidi Morgan photography, and Sweet Tooth Confections. (I am sorry I haven't had time to share, keep checking in to see the rest!!!)