Heidi Morgan Photography

Meeting New Friends

Have you met my friend, Heidi Morgan yet? We've done a few fun things together in the past...she has such a warm personality and I always feel refreshed after spending time with her. The great thing about her is that she ALWAYS photographs the whole story. She finds pleasure in capturing the details...things that may be forgotten but oh-so important. We have Model Mayhem to thank for our friendship, and we both share the same delight in meeting new faces. Heidi introduced me to her friend, who is a model, actress, and the official 2012 Mrs. San Francisco- Erica Sanders. Enjoy some images from our lovey bridal shoot together...

Laura Mercier primers and Benefit Play Sticks consolidated into one container
You can never have enough red lipstick. (Brand) Options are a necessity in my makeup kit.
I press on the color to achieve an intense pigment, before blending.
Applying individual FAUX Lashes with tweezers and Duo glue
Smokey eye with pink cheeks and lips
Joanna Cleveland designed and styled all accessories for this shoot.
Where have you been, and where will you go? Do you tell your story to everyone you meet? I tend to be one of those "open book" kinda gals. One thing about my job, is I can't be shy. I meet many new faces on a regular basis-and I welcome each and everyone with hopes to part with a hug in the end. The great thing about social media is you can meet people in an instant, and when you meet in person it's like you have known each other forever. I had the pleasure of meeting Joanna Cleveland, designer of PYRCE Jewelry via email first...and once we met, ironically she knew my hubby! We had plenty to talk about so, I cannot wait to work with her again. Her passion for her artwork was evident throughout the day as she helped style this shoot. Check PYRCE out on Etsy and Facebook to see more designs. 

Check out a tutorial on the how I did Erica's hair - The Sock Bun

Photo's taken in Palo Alto at Standford University
To view more images from this day, visit Heidi's blog by clicking here!!


I wish I had....

I have so many areas where makeup is stored. You will find the downstairs bathroom, the upstairs, my purse, my car, the guest room, and the hall closet FULL of cosmetics...but I am always wishing for more. I am sure you can relate ;) Most of these products I have used in the past, and some I have recently seen and not yet played with!! These are the items on my wish list that I need to buy this month...

1. Impassioned Lipstick by MAC 
While working in the Cosmetic departments, I have always LOVED this color, but for some reason I have never bought it...IT'S FINALLY TIME!! This is a vibrant pink with a tinge of orange.
2. Lollia Eau De Parfume Breathe
I have seen this in boutiques and on many bloggers posts...and today I finally tested it out on my arm. My hubby liked that it was fresh, and I enjoyed it's sweet notes.
3. Kate Somerville Exfolikate
My girlfriend gave me some of this before my wedding to quickly heal my stressed out skin...I love the tingle, and prefer the intense option.
4. The Original Morocanoil oil Treatment 
My hair dresser introduced me to this. It is the only product that has conditioned my hair without it becoming greasy. My hair always feels healthy after a few drops.
5. Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Shadow Pot by Tarte
Late at night I was watching QVC and was intrigued because I love Amazonian Clay. Does it really absorb oil like it says???

6. Mint Candy Apple Nail color by Essie
I had two girlfriends rocking this color at a small get together at my house...one mentioned "we should have a nail swap party"........I totally agree, how fun would that be???

What's on your wish list this month??


Things that make me smile...

working side by side with Ashley Maxwell Photography
Smashbox Brushes
Feathers in my hair...
YSL Mascara
the color purple
Kiehl's Creme de Corps collection
Being organized the night before a photo shoot
I think it's obvious I like Deborah Lippmann!
Bare Escentuals glimmers and my pearls
I love being part of a Bride's special day
Dinah DeRosa
my signature scent xoxo

What makes you smile?


Tea Party

I have written before that I surround myself with inspiring people, why...because they push me to be a better person, a better artist, a better woman. I also love connecting my girlfriends talents and together we create a masterpiece! I have been friends with some of these ladies since high school, and some just for a few years through the internet.

Taylor, and I have been talking about a photo shoot for a while now-we had so much fun! If it weren't for her, I would have never started blogging...I admire her passion and determination to begin Glitter Guide, and her posts from Sterling Style are my daily addiction for inspiration.

Danielle Derksen, is my old high school cheer buddy. We have reconnected over the years, because we are always bumping into each other at weddings...doing hair and makeup! She too is full of zest for her career, and it is depicted in her beautiful up-do's, colors, and cuts. If you are a bride, I would highly recommend her for your special day! (*Mona Lisa Salon in Los Gatos)

Rachel, from Sweet Tooth Confections started her company with her equally talented husband Kyle. Her cookies, cakes, and yummy treats are ALL from scratch! Every goodie melts in your mouth! She too is a true entrepreneur who I am lucky to know.

Heidi Morgan, our photographer is a dear friend I "accidentally" met over Model Mayhem. Her personality is charming, inviting, and her attention to detail is admirable. She is a trustworthy person, and a pleasure to work with because she will get down and dirty to get that perfect shot for you.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, as much as I enjoyed being part of them. I was inspired by Bobbi Brown's Bikini Pink for this look. I also used subtle green tones on the eyes. Great combination for Spring Time!

Check out what Nail colors I used here.

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Wipe it off...or keep it on??

Heidi Morgan Photography

I work in an industry where new things are popping up all the time... some trends I love, some I like, some I am confused by. While I am an adventurous gal, I too have my moments where I need to stay in my comfort zone. I normally tell my friends and clients, if you really hate it...you can always wipe it off or re-do it. No need to fret my friends, cosmetics should be FUN!!! So, I thought I would be fun and try the new "painting one nail a different color" trend. I have gotten mixed reviews, and oddly enough it's the more mature crowd that is digging this and the younger crowd who is frowning down upon my one finger ;) WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Nail color's by Deborah Lippman: Satin Doll and Pop Life.

...this is a sneak peak from a photo shoot I did with Sterling Style, Danielle Derksen, Heidi Morgan photography, and Sweet Tooth Confections. (I am sorry I haven't had time to share, keep checking in to see the rest!!!)