Baby Pout

Have you ever been given a book, along with a hand written message inside instead of a card??? Cards are fabulous, but most of the time they are tossed out...and the sentiment is lost. Once in a while you'll save some in a box, but normally this gets hidden under the bed...but a book you keep out on a shelf for all to see! I went to my cousin's baby shower today, and at their request we brought a signed book instead of a card for the new baby. Mental note to self- I will be doing this for my future child as well. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Cards are so fabulous, but a collection of books can relive the moment for an eternity.

A baby shower calls for a calm, subtle makeup look. I have had this Smashbox Lip enhancing gloss sitting in it's box for a few months, so I thought today was the perfect day to crack it open. It is a sheer color, and although Baby Pout looks coral it has a purple undertone to it-exactly what I needed to go with the purple accents in my new tube top from Urban Outfitters. I wore this gloss alone, and was extremely generous in my application is full of shine polymers, so the more I layered, the more reflective was the shine. The applicator is also a brush, so it was easy to apply. *Tip, any blue undertone in a lip product will give the teeth a whiter appearance!