A Whimsical Forest

A photo shoot takes many days to prepare, but with the right partners it is the easiest task to complete. This last photo shoot I was constantly moving... ensuring the lashes are placed correctly, the bobby pins are in tight, and the accessories to the wardrobe are just so.

Photographer Ashley Batz, JE Model Joleen, and myself traveled to the Presidio Forest to have an adventure together. The San Francisco breeze was in our favor that day...we explored this enchanted forest as spiders scurried away with our footsteps. (Yes, we all screamed at the sight!)

Audrey Faux Lashes
JE Modeling agency requested a natural look for Joleen, and the Audrey Faux Lashes were the perfect touch!! These handmade lashes were SO easy to apply! You could barely tell there was anything there, yet it made such a difference. I have fallen for this lash company...officially OBSESSED! They were Joleen's first introduction to quality lashes, she was so happy to take them home.

Photography by Ashley Batz
As I stood in the background holding 2 bags, 4 lip glosses and a brush...I smiled and felt like I was part of a special moment. Joleen displayed character of a true model-it's just who she is. Ashely was a joy to watch, as she directed Joleen's movements-she is so sincere-it's just who she is.

"Braid within Braids"- Hair by Priscilla Francine
Styling By Priscilla Francine

Enjoy these whimsical images! I hope you experience goosebumps as you view them.