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Not just any ol' Birthday

Timelines were very important to me in my younger years. I enjoyed planning out my life, and giving myself deadlines of when I needed to achieve certain things. Today is my birthday, not just any ol' birthday, but a date that I gave myself a deadline for a few things. Ironically I have not achieved what I thought was important, but much more than I could have dreamed of...

While I could tell you about my well deserved fine lines of wisdom, and give you some product knowledge on a great ant-aging (full body) cream...I though it would be fun to reminisce on what I have accomplished this last year, and say thank you to those who supported me along the way. 

 Fleur Envy with Ashley Maxwell and Danielle Derksen
Modcloth with Kristin Cofer
Style Me Pretty with Ashley Bats and Taylor Sterling.
Glitter Guide
...I can't wait to share a surprise!!!
My beautiful Brides and their families -BellaLu Photography

This past year went by so fast... Thank you to my dear friends and family who are so accommodating to my crazy schedule, and lastly but oh-so-very important... Thank you to my loving husband who is my number one fan. While today marks the deadline of some things I needed to accomplish... I have accomplished more than I could have dreamed of with you by my side. Thanks for loving me, and for letting our house be consumed by makeup!

I can't wait to celebrate.


Taylor & Joey's Engagement Photos

Back in the day...Taylor and I met each other while working at Abercrombie & Fitch. She was my manager, and she will tell you my only flaw as an employee was that I wore way too much makeup! Little did we know, I would be doing her makeup for her wedding one day.

Over the years, I have perfected the "Taylor" look: She has always favored bright pink gloss over anything else, and she loves having a little wing to her eyeliner. On the day of her engagement session, Taylor came prepared for her makeup application with an image she wanted me to recreate. My first instinct after seeing the images, was to apply Sasha Lashes by FAUX. Definition is super important in photos, and the blend of black and brown makes Taylor's eyes stand out even from afar! Online classes in cosmetology are available if you want to learn more tricks, tips, and trends.

To see more images, visit Style Me Pretty
My main goal was to give Taylor clean, flawless skin. You too can achieve perfect skin with these simple steps:

1. Primer was essential since the shoot was in San Francisco, so I first prepped the skin with a pea size of Laura Mercier's oil free foundation primer (entire face).
2. For a soft glow, I blended Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Natural Radiance on her cheeks, under her eyes and a bit on the T-zone. 
3. I used Benefit's Play stick like a concealer and foundation.
4. To brighten under the eye, I used YSL's Touche Eclat #2
5. To perfect the skin, I pressed Dior's Airflash over her cheeks and a bit on the nose. (application demonstrated here.)

Photography by Ashley Batz
Since we went bold with the lashes, I kept the eyeshadow classic and sophisticated by using neutral tones.

1. Truth by Bare Escentuals (seen here)
2. Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner (seen here)
3. White eyeliner in the water line (like this one)

I love this girl SO much...and I am so happy she is marrying Joey-He is one of the sweetest guys I know. I cannot wait for your wedding... thank you for allowing me to share in your memories on this special day.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my dear friends! I hope you all have a relaxing, yet glamorous day with your loved ones. My gift to you this season is the perfect Holiday Look:

Ashley Batz Photography

How to achieve this look:

1. An intense sultry eye can be perfected by pressing MAC's eyeshadow in Carbon on the base of your eyelid, with a clean brush soften the crease to achieve a "smokey" effect. Line your lashes with Bobbi Brown's Black Ink Gel Liner (seen here).

2. Coat your lashes with mascara, apply Audrey FAUX Lashes to your lash base, and than curl to blend your natural lash and your FAUX lash.

3. Prep your skin with a primer (for a long day of pictures with the fam), use Dior's Airflash foundation (seen here), bronzer to contour cheek bones, and highlighter for a soft glow.

4. use a long lasting lip color, like MAC's prolong wear in Lasting Lust (seen here).

5. Add some a festive touch to your nail with some glitter (seen here)!!!

If you need any help, ask me on Twitter!!!


An "Exhibit" of My Own

This is the second photoshoot where photographer, Ashley Batz and I partnered with JE Model Management. We had the pleasure of meeting Emmalee Froenlich  this past week! Her own personal style reflects the trends of the 70's and she had the best eyebrows!!

Photographers Kim A. Thomas and Ashley picked out a few favorite pieces from Madewell-while I styled accessories, hair, and makeup. Special thanks to FAUX Lash for completing Emmalee's look with the oh-so fluttery Sasha lashes. SERIOUSLY. THEY ARE STUNNING!

FAUX Lash-Sasha

To achieve this hair style: curl small sections of the hair like this and use LOTS of hairspray. Pull all the hair up to the top of the head and tie with a hair band. Pull the pony tail tight! Braid a small section of the pony tail, and wrap it around the band to cover it (use a bobby pin to secure in the back). To soften the curls, and add more volume...tease the top and middle of the pony tail (in small sections). Set the look with hair spray.

Flutterfall Skirt by Madewell

I have been dreaming of using Exhibit-A blush, by NARS, for months! Ever since I saw the Thakoon Fashion Show-finally I got to paint a face with it!! It is a verrry pigmented product, so if you would prefer a lighter version of this hue, use a loosely bound blush brush. Always ensure your blush and lips coincide with their undertones. Exhibit-A, has a red/orange undertone that pairs perfectly with Laura Mercier's Sunrise Lip Colour (Also seen here).

Creme Lip Colour in Sunrise by Laura Mercier

Normally I would opt for a lighter eye, since the blush and lips are so bold. Yet, something vibrant on the eye was the only thing that seemed right. NARS Matte Eyeshadow in Outremer captivates my eyes! I wanted the color to show it's true strength, so I used MACs paint pot in painterly as my base, and simply pressed the shadow onto the lid. I stopped as I reached the crease, and used a pony tail brush to soften the edges.

Lily Lace Dress by Madewell

What is your favorite product I used on Emmalee?


A Whimsical Forest

A photo shoot takes many days to prepare, but with the right partners it is the easiest task to complete. This last photo shoot I was constantly moving... ensuring the lashes are placed correctly, the bobby pins are in tight, and the accessories to the wardrobe are just so.

Photographer Ashley Batz, JE Model Joleen, and myself traveled to the Presidio Forest to have an adventure together. The San Francisco breeze was in our favor that day...we explored this enchanted forest as spiders scurried away with our footsteps. (Yes, we all screamed at the sight!)

Audrey Faux Lashes
JE Modeling agency requested a natural look for Joleen, and the Audrey Faux Lashes were the perfect touch!! These handmade lashes were SO easy to apply! You could barely tell there was anything there, yet it made such a difference. I have fallen for this lash company...officially OBSESSED! They were Joleen's first introduction to quality lashes, she was so happy to take them home.

Photography by Ashley Batz
As I stood in the background holding 2 bags, 4 lip glosses and a brush...I smiled and felt like I was part of a special moment. Joleen displayed character of a true model-it's just who she is. Ashely was a joy to watch, as she directed Joleen's movements-she is so sincere-it's just who she is.

"Braid within Braids"- Hair by Priscilla Francine
Styling By Priscilla Francine

Enjoy these whimsical images! I hope you experience goosebumps as you view them.


Canada meets San Francisco

The internet is such a crazy thing... While it connects us in mere seconds, it can lead to some of the best and longest friendships for years to come. Kim Thomas, a Canadian photographer was searching the internet and stumbled across my gal Ashley Batz. They became friends from afar, and when Kim came to San Francisco I too was able to meet her and had the honor of working with her for her first visit!

We invited Haley, Miss Teen San Jose, and my baby sister to model. I styled the gals outfits, did hair, and finished with some makeup of course. (I used an intense berry blush and it shows up so dramatically beautiful in the images!)

I ran back and forth between the two photographers touching up gloss...moving hair... as one shot Phylicia and the other shot Haley! SO FUN!

Ashley Batz Photography

Ashley Batz Photography

Ashley Batz Photography

Ashley Batz Photography
Kim A. Thomas Photography

Kim A. Thomas Photography

Kim A. Thomas Photgraphy