The Small Things

Happy Thanksgiving Day my dear friends! The other day I came home and noticed an ELF palette in the living room. Of course I ask my hubby "what is this?" and his response was so sweet..."I'm not sure if it is good, but the other day you said you needed a new palette."

I may have not outwardly seemed thankful for his kind gesture, but everyday since I have become more thankful for this small thing he did.

Here are some things I am thankful for this year:

1. I am grateful for a husband  who takes care of me
2. I am grateful for my brother's safety in Africa
3. I am grateful my mom found her new job
4. I am grateful for all the photographers I work with, because they are amazing friends
5. I am grateful to have been part of so many weddings this year. I felt so special.
6. I am grateful that I have God to comfort me and tell me he has a plan
7. I am grateful my BFF is now living just a lil closer- in San Diego
8. I am grateful for the relationships with each of my family and friends
9. I am grateful I have found my career in makeup

and #10. I am SO grateful for all the small things that I don't notice, or acknowledge as much as I should.

What are some small things you are grateful for this year?