Party Planner

With the winter holidays upon us, that means social gatherings galore! Here are a few products I use to prepare my home before quests arrive, and my skin before the parties!

Over the years, Lavender has become one of the most relaxing scents for me. Candles always give me a calm sensation-my favorite candle in the house is my Capri Blue Mercury Glass candle from Anthropologie. The container matches my home decor, and it sits lovely in my glass bowl of dried lavender.

Buy fresh Lavender, let it dry, and than use as a candle filler.

Hand soap is another item I recently have been splurging on...when I first tried L'Occitane's Lavender Cleansing Hand wash I couldn't stop admiring the fragrance. Having a elegant or fun hand wash in the bathroom during the Holidays is always nice for guests to indulge in.

With the long hours of shopping, decorating, and events remember to hydrate under the eyes. The skin under the eye is thinner, showing fine lines and dark circles faster. Kiehl's Avocado Eye cream will soothe the dryness around your eye are (and even the lips!) make sure to follow the directions and "pat" not rub, as the consistency will change and not work as well.  (It's a great price point too only $27!)

Red Nails always gets me in the Holiday Spirit

Last but not least... start prepping your legs and arms for all the Holiday parties. (I can't wait to have some fun this season!) Clarin's Delectable Self Tanning Mousse has Mirabella Oil in it, which is a great moisturizer during the cold season, will give you a healthy color (for that cute sequin dress), and if there is sun out-you even have some protection with it's SPF 15.

Do you have any fun parties planned this season?