Unexpected- (adj.) surprising or unforeseen. Most people hear this word and think something negative, ughh... like an issue with your car-right?? Well, not all unforeseen things HAVE to be bad... they can be good and positive too!

Take home decor for example... While my main statement color in my home is red, I have found that pale pink roses are a great addition to my more "guy" friendly looking living room! Who knew something so unexpected could pair so well!! Maybe I should get an interior design degree!

Lately, I have been pleasantly surprised by those "unexpected" products in the beauty world: Long lasting products, bold lip colors, sultry scents... While your style may be more traditional, or conservative, I challenge you to buy something that may surprise people (and YOU) this week!

Unexpected, yet delicious scent: Coconut Milk & Mango-Anthropologie
Unexpected and iconic- Morange Lipstick by MAC
Unexpectedly  full of Minerals: Evian Spray
Unexpected, lightweight texture-Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
Unexpectedly, stays put all day-Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in What A Blast by MAC
Unexpected cleansing product-Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes
Unexpected shimmer- Orgasm Nail Polish by NARS
Hopefully something "unexpected" will happen in your life soon...a raise, a new opportunity in life to meet that someone special... a trip to a new place.... hmmm??? The possibilities are endless...