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Let The Good Times Roll

Exfoliation is a necessary part of your skincare routine and should be done 1-2 times a week. Once you remove the dead skin cells, your skin can absorb more hydration from your serums and moisturizers + you get to show off your fancy new skin cells to the world! 

Let The Good Times Roll

If you choose to use a mechanical exfoliant it should not be abrasive, be nice to your face and your body!

Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser by Lush reminds me of cookies. It gives me the urge to start baking yummy treats. When you remove the lid to this Facial Cleanser.... do not eat it. I wanted to too... so did the hubby. We were craving sweet snacks for the rest of the evening. HMMMM.... it smells that good.

First, I removed my eye makeup, and than cleansed my skin with a gel cleanser before using Let The Good Times Roll. It's easy to use more than needed, so don't grab too much product...a little goes a long way. I spread the product out on my hands before touching my skin. My skin felt like velvet after I rinsed off this exfoliant. (There's glycerin in it, which acts as a humectant to bind moisture to the skin). It was such a gentle process, so I would even suggest those with sensitive skin give it a try!

Some of the ingredients include Maize Flour, Corn Meal, and my personal favorite - Cinnamon!!

Priscilla Francine

Ultimate Body Wrap

Body wraps are extremely effective treatments in the Spa Industry, and having an at home maintenance program is quite convenient for my lifestyle. You can wrap while doing household chores so no need to sit/lay down (unless you would like to).

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator 

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a 45 minute process, and the detox lasts for 72 Hours. I purchased 3 sets (4 wraps in each box), and I have completed 1 set which I concentrated on my abs. My next set will be on my thighs, and I will use my last box on my arms. I personally noticed more definition in my stomach after the 2nd wrap.

Tips to follow while wrapping:

*Do not drink coffee or alcohol during the 72 hours.
*I highly recommend a large amount of water intake so that you do not experience any headaches from lack of caffeine.
*Cut the wrap in half when applying it to the arms or legs.
*Rinse body off with water but try to avoid using any cleanser/product in the area you would like to wrap.

While this can assist in weight loss, its still necessary to work out and eat healthy. For some, it can be a great quick fix to slip into that adorable dress for a special occasion.  I believe a body wrap is wonderful to remove toxins from our system, break up fat cells, hydrate the epidermis, firm loose skin, and help reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

I'd love to hear about your results after you try one!

Priscilla Francine

Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Almay Oil-Free Eye makeup remover pads are quite handy for a traveling makeup artist, as well as the girl on the go. I stumbled upon them at the grocery store, picking up some last minute supplies before a camping trip. This camping trip excluded showers and sinks...these pads were already moist and ready to use so they were exactly what I needed.

Here's why I like them:
-No oily residue left on your skin.
-Removes eye makeup...and face makeup.
-Removes waterproof mascara with ease (so no tugging on your delicate skin).
-No need to have cotton pads/balls/Q-Tips around.

Ingredients Include:
-Green Tea

-I wish there was a larger size to buy than the 80 count, because I liked them so much.

Remember to be gentle when cleansing your eye area ladies! It is such a delicate area on our face, and we can actually cause damage by tugging too hard. You can cause bruising (dark circles) when you are too rough with this skin...think of your skin around the eye area as if it were tissue paper. It's that fragile!


First Day of School

Labor Day has passed, and it's back to school we go! While you're stocking up on your sweaters and boots, here are a few basics to add to your makeup bag for this upcoming season:

Nars- Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder
I've added the Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting powder to my professional kit because of the quality, and because it's technology is perfect for pictures! I like using product that works for every woman's skin tone and skin concern. First, this powder does not alter the complexion (foundation) at all-so it works for every skin tone! Yes, every skin tone, fair to deep! Second, it destroys the rumor "powder settles into my creases, making me look dry". It's silky, and perfects the texture on ones skin, absorbing excess oils without adding a dry finish. Last, the light reflecting powers diffuse light and adjust to new light... perfect for when a bride is inside and outside! Perfect for in person, and on camera! 

Dior- Diorshow Blackout Mascara
You saw the bold brow trend pop up...your currently watching the bold lip pop up....so let's add some balance to the face with bold lashes too!! Diorshow Blackout was created to be dramatic. The pigment is extremely rich, and offers you a true black lash!! I think it look nice paired with a clean eyelid and a defined lash line (a winged/cat eye using liquid liner).

BareMinerals- Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick in Scoundrel
Lip colors for Fall are always going to hold a deeper hue. While those who's styles are edgier jump right into the latest trend, it may be hard for the rest of the world to join in. Scoundrel holds that same intensity you will see this Fall on the Runway, however it has a brighter attitude. It's more on the raspberry-fuchsia side. It's adds some serious life to the complexion, without being harsh on your eyes when you look in the mirror.

OPI Nail Lacquer- So many clowns so little time 
I found this gem at the Spring Cosmoprof show for 50 cents, little did I know this color was from the Spring 2011 Femme de Cirque Collection. You may be able to find it if you search for a bit... it's a clean and professional look. I like it because it has a peach undertone verses a pink undertone, the finished result is a sheer ivory. I prefer 3-4 coats to make it stand out a bit more and compliment my tan. I'm using this on my hands, and am loving a deep purple, almost black on my toes!

Hope school is going well for everyone!

Priscilla Francine 

Tea Tree

Just like fashion and home decor, cosmetic products can become trendy. Social media and marketing strategies can get us excited so we go out and purchase the newest and latest "insert item here". While the packaging may be spectacular and the scent is super yummy...sometimes we don't even know what we are really buying or if it is the correct product to target our specific concerns?

I'm sure you have heard all the hype about Tea Tree-right? ...but what is it? Tea Tree is an Australasian Flowering shrub (or small tree) with leaves that can be used for tea. Some of these plants (species) offer an oil which has antiseptic properties. OK, now what is an Antiseptic? An antiseptic assists in preventing the growth of bacteria on the skin.

It is uncomfortable to ponder, but yes, we have bacteria all over us. Bacteria can also be called "germs" or "microbes", they can be disease-producing or non-disease producing. As I get older, I've noticed my germ phobia has gotten worse so I'm jumping on the all natural Tea Tree antiseptic train!

A few months ago I went to the CosmoProf Spring Style Show, and after the Paul Mitchell training I picked up a few shampoos and conditioners. The Tea Tree Special Shampoo promised to be an invigorating experience-It totally was!

Why I liked it:

-It left my scalp tingling-and it really did have a cleaner and fresher feel afterwards.
-I did notice my hair had more volume starting at my roots.
-My scalp and hair did not feel dry at all.
-My hair dresser noticed my hair grew faster (It may have been a coincidence though??)

The only time I did not LOVE this product.. was while I was visiting Paris. I loved Paris, but my hair for some reason did not and would not get clean.

Speaking of Paris... I did love how my skin looked while we were there!!! Since I was out of my normal climate, I brought my LUSH Cosmetics Tea Tree Water to prevent any breakouts. I spritzed it on in the morning (and sometimes throughout the day while touring the city) and than used a hydrating alternative in the evening. Normally I would break out in a "City" environment- but I really believe the antibacterial aspect was beneficial for this trip.

Now that I am a believer of Tea Tree Toner...I have added it to my kit for my oilier Brides and Clients too!!! It helps their makeup last longer since it soaks up all the excess oil on the skin!!

Why I liked it:

-Easy to use, spray before moisturizer or after makeup.
-No harsh smell.
-Grapefruit is also another ingredient...which is a great astringent
-It does not dry my skin out, like an acne treatment would.

Do you have any favorite Tea Tree products you swear by?

Priscilla Francine

StiVectin-AR (NIA-114 + Retinol)

Skincare companies claim to change your life, and if you have been following my blog from the beginning you know I am a skeptic to most claims. But I also don't talk about anything on this blog if I don't believe it works. While I may be a skeptic, this blog is a place for positive words only. With that being said, StriVectin's Advanced Retinol Night Treatment is officially amazing my friends!

1.What is StriVectin-AR? Combination of two powerful anti-aging actives, clinically proven NIA-114 (bioactive form of Niacin or Vitamin B3) molecule and Retinol.

2.Directions: Use nightly on clean, dry skin, apply over entire face or concentrate on areas of concern.

3.What should StriVectin-AR do for you?
-Strengthen and build-up the skin barrier
-enhance durability
-even out skin tone
-increase radiance
-smooth out the skins texture

4.How did my skin change?
-The deep line on my forehead has diminished-its only been a few weeks-and I can barely see it anymore! ---Overall, my skin is more firm and has a bouncier feeling to it.

I was hesitant to use a Rentinol...BUT... NIA-114 will activate Retinols' age fighting powder to work harder, faster, and more efficiently while reducing sensitivity commonly associated with Retinol. I did not notice any sensitivity in my skin at all. Sigh of relief...

Try using Christian Dior's One Essential Detox Super Serum under StriVectin-AR. It will help speed up the penetration so you will see the results at an even faster speed. (I did note in my previous post that I was experiencing a breakout while using One Essential. The purging process ended, and I have had no breakout since.)

Also, now that you have this flawless complexion thanks to StriVectin. Continue using a SPF of some sort during the day to protect your skin from future damage. I am currently using DiorSnow BB Cream SPF 50. It's great because of the high sun protection + it's light weight and not greasy!

Next test...the hubby's skin! Let's see how SriVectin-AR works for him now!