Tea Tree

Just like fashion and home decor, cosmetic products can become trendy. Social media and marketing strategies can get us excited so we go out and purchase the newest and latest "insert item here". While the packaging may be spectacular and the scent is super yummy...sometimes we don't even know what we are really buying or if it is the correct product to target our specific concerns?

I'm sure you have heard all the hype about Tea Tree-right? ...but what is it? Tea Tree is an Australasian Flowering shrub (or small tree) with leaves that can be used for tea. Some of these plants (species) offer an oil which has antiseptic properties. OK, now what is an Antiseptic? An antiseptic assists in preventing the growth of bacteria on the skin.

It is uncomfortable to ponder, but yes, we have bacteria all over us. Bacteria can also be called "germs" or "microbes", they can be disease-producing or non-disease producing. As I get older, I've noticed my germ phobia has gotten worse so I'm jumping on the all natural Tea Tree antiseptic train!

A few months ago I went to the CosmoProf Spring Style Show, and after the Paul Mitchell training I picked up a few shampoos and conditioners. The Tea Tree Special Shampoo promised to be an invigorating experience-It totally was!

Why I liked it:

-It left my scalp tingling-and it really did have a cleaner and fresher feel afterwards.
-I did notice my hair had more volume starting at my roots.
-My scalp and hair did not feel dry at all.
-My hair dresser noticed my hair grew faster (It may have been a coincidence though??)

The only time I did not LOVE this product.. was while I was visiting Paris. I loved Paris, but my hair for some reason did not and would not get clean.

Speaking of Paris... I did love how my skin looked while we were there!!! Since I was out of my normal climate, I brought my LUSH Cosmetics Tea Tree Water to prevent any breakouts. I spritzed it on in the morning (and sometimes throughout the day while touring the city) and than used a hydrating alternative in the evening. Normally I would break out in a "City" environment- but I really believe the antibacterial aspect was beneficial for this trip.

Now that I am a believer of Tea Tree Toner...I have added it to my kit for my oilier Brides and Clients too!!! It helps their makeup last longer since it soaks up all the excess oil on the skin!!

Why I liked it:

-Easy to use, spray before moisturizer or after makeup.
-No harsh smell.
-Grapefruit is also another ingredient...which is a great astringent
-It does not dry my skin out, like an acne treatment would.

Do you have any favorite Tea Tree products you swear by?

Priscilla Francine