Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Almay Oil-Free Eye makeup remover pads are quite handy for a traveling makeup artist, as well as the girl on the go. I stumbled upon them at the grocery store, picking up some last minute supplies before a camping trip. This camping trip excluded showers and sinks...these pads were already moist and ready to use so they were exactly what I needed.

Here's why I like them:
-No oily residue left on your skin.
-Removes eye makeup...and face makeup.
-Removes waterproof mascara with ease (so no tugging on your delicate skin).
-No need to have cotton pads/balls/Q-Tips around.

Ingredients Include:
-Green Tea

-I wish there was a larger size to buy than the 80 count, because I liked them so much.

Remember to be gentle when cleansing your eye area ladies! It is such a delicate area on our face, and we can actually cause damage by tugging too hard. You can cause bruising (dark circles) when you are too rough with this skin...think of your skin around the eye area as if it were tissue paper. It's that fragile!