Blemish Therapy

Acne can be quite frustrating and can be a result of genetics, hormones, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and/or improper skincare routines. There are many solutions to reduce acne, one of my secrets to preventing future breakouts and healing those annoying ones that pop up overnight is the BareMinerals Blemish Therapy.

Yep, this Blemish Therapy is powder.

Blemish Therapy

Why I like it:

- It does not dry my skin out.
-No flakiness has occurred on my skin..
- I can use it under makeup or over makeup
-There is no line/residue like a gel would leave behind on the skin.
- This treatment is invisible... My hubby knows everything about me, but some things should be left in secret. With a powder formula, my hubby doesn't even notice I have acne treatment on my face when it's time for bed!!

*This product contains ingredients like Sulfer, Tea Tree, Kaolin, Retinol, Titanium Dioxide, and Aloe.

Remember it may take time to completely heal all signs of acne, but there are solutions to get your skin where you would like it to be! A strict at home skincare regimen is the first step to begin seeing progress.

Priscilla Francine