Sigma's Synthetic Sigmax Brushes

Often times I tell my clients, "You can't cut veggies with a spoon - you need a knife!" Who knows where I came up with this... but it's a good visual right?! With the right artistry tools, you can create a flawless appearance to your makeup.

Sigma is known for their brush collection, I really appreciate the softness of the Synthetic Sigmax brushes. Here are my absolute favorite for my personal makeup bag and my professional brush belt:

1. Precision Round P82 - The secret to a good smokey eye is learning how to blend correctly! This brush is useful when softening the corners and creases -I like to use a neutral/beige shadow to buff out the rougher edges of a smokey eye with the P82.

2. Round Kabuki F82 - This is a useful tool when I am softening harsh edges of makeup. Maybe around the jaw line, and especially when contouring the face. I love a good contour, but sometimes a harsh line is not ideal. This brush is perfect to merge colors together for a seamless look without removing too much product during the process.

3. Precision Flat P80 - Concealer is always a must under the eye area, and while I like to pack it on my clients, I can't stand when you can tell someone is wearing concealer. I like it to blend into the skin, and this brush helps me achieve my goal of making concealer one with the skin.

4. Flat Kabuki F80 - Great for a liquid foundation application! (I like using it to apply Diorskin Forever Foundation). If you have an extra moment try coating the entire head of the brush with your foundation before buffing it onto the skin. Sometimes using a palette can make this less messy rather than using the back of your hand.  This application process is so easy, and the final results are a flawless complexion.

Have your tried Sigma's brushes before? Which ones do you like to use?

Priscilla Francine