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Add this to your wish list...

When I started dated my husband, his family would always request a wish list for Christmas. Some people are good at knowing exactly what they want, but it takes me forever to come up with a list to give to people. Was this a childhood tradition for you? Or did your family just buy whatever they thought was best for you? Well, maybe I can help you add a few items to your "wish list" this season...or maybe find a few gifts for your gal pals...

Lately my hair has become dry and more prone to tangle, Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo + Conditioner actually does what it says and detangles my hair! As for the Moroccan Oil, yes it is a higher price point, but it works. I have used lower price points from the drugstore, and they just aren't as hydrating and healing.

Hair doesn't need to be washed daily, but when you are working out or feel a bit uneasy with your natural oil production... dry shampoo is a great solution for this issue. I found Batiste at Urban Outfitters for $8.00 and was a bit over zealous and purchased a couple different scents. I'm a little bummed with the white residue it leaves, you really have to comb out the hair...otherwise your hair looks very grey. It definitely absorbs oil, but gives no volume. I still prefer Oribe over any other dry shampoo...I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

In the past I would use the same facial cleanser in the AM and PM, but there isn't really a need for me to get a deep cleanse when I just wake up. So, I started using Dior's Instant Cleansing Water just to freshen up in the AM. It's also nicknamed the lazy girl cleanser, so it can be used with a cotton pad to remove any makeup before bedtime (works great on mascara too). It leaves no residue behind so you won't feel sticky after.

Dior's One Essential seems to be a confusing product for most. It says 'super serum' on the bottle, so it has been taking over the 'serum' step for alot of people's skincare routines, but it's actually a detox product...and should be used under a serum and facial cream to help those products be more effective. It can assist any skincare routine to be 4x more efficient, so feel free to start using it with whatever you got going on already. I do have an unusual breakout since I have started this purging process, and haven't decided if I am ok with it or frustrated by it. I'm still using it to get rid of the impurities in my skin... so we shall see what happens.

As we age our lips will become smaller as they loose moisture- I highly recommend Dior's Lip Maximizer as a treatment for fuller lips. I use it 2x a day (morning and evening) sometimes 3x depending on if I remember to throw it in my purse. It has hydrated my lips, so they have not become chapped yet during this cooler weather, and my bolder red lipsticks aren't bleeding like they use to. (Great tip for the Holidays!)

This last month, my skin became ultra sensitive-so when this happens-eliminate product and reintroduce things slowly back into your routine. I haven't figured out what I was sensitive to, but during this process I fell for Cetaphil's Gentle Daily Cleansing bar and I am no longer a snob to this "sensitive" product.

Allure's November issue had an article on dark circles and I found the information quite intriguing ...did you know rubbing your eyes can cause this irritating discoloration!? Unfortunately, it can also just be in your fix this issue, find a corrector that will cut the purple/green/blue circles. Giorgio Armani cosmetics has a pink and orange corrector that I like to combine with my concealer to achieve a flawless look. Make sure to prep with eye cream, and set with a translucent powder if you normally see creasing at the end of the day.

One way to distract from sleepy eyes is to enhance the lashes. In the past I felt a lash primer was an unnecessary step (I am just lazy though) and now I am obsessed!!!! Dior's Lash Maximizer hydrates and conditions your lashes, as well as adds volume and length before mascara. LOVE THIS PRODUCT-it makes a drastic difference!

Dior Extase's brush was inspired by the layers of a dress awww... this mascara will capture your short and long lashes for a fuller effect, while promoting future growth too. The brush reminds me of my all time fav YSL but with no flaking at the end of the day.

*For best results, start at your lash base and wiggle into the tips.

Hmmmm, you can't go wrong with a cinnamon scent for the Holidays! I stock up on Illume Boulangerie candles at Anthropologie every time I visit. I have a weakness for candles, they help release stress and make my home smell delicious!

Now you have lots of new things to add to your wish lists for Christmas. Happy Tuesday friends!

Priscilla Francine

What Have I been up to...

Summer just started and it's already over! It's been a busy few months, but it's been a GREAT few months. I even got a vacation thrown in the midst of wedding season. I am back and refreshed and ready to blog. I have ALOT of things to catch up on and tell you about. In the meantime, here's what I have been up to...

1. Anna and Joel flew in from Oregon, and I was lucky enough to work with each of them and their bridal party on their wedding day. Their photographer Jamie Jones captured the day, and even a few images of me applying touch-ups in the ivy! During Anna's trial we played around with a few options for a dramatic eye, and she fell in love with a style that complimented her eye shape. To achieve these beautiful eyes, apply Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black on the entire lid (stopping at the crease). Next, set the lid with Nars Eyeshadow in Night Clubbing. To soften the crease, use a pony tail brush to apply a mauve or heather grey matte shadow. You eventually want to fade the color into eyebrow arch, so your color needs to gradually go from black to white. The best way I can translate this look is to compare it to a rainbow! Think dark to light!

2. Taryn and Shelby are the photographers behind Joielala, who also captured Christie's wedding. I cannot wait to see the final results!!! (Check out the engagement session in the meantime...I used nuetral shades with a highlights of gold and rust.)

3. I met Katie, Katherine's MOH, while working on set at ModCloth in SF. This bridal party got ready at the Inn at The Presidio. Because they wore black dresses, I was free to play with color options for their eyes, cheeks, and lips. I wanted to compliment each bridesmaid's skin tone, so each gal had their own version of a natural look.

4. Katherine was inspired by a magazine editorial with Julia Roberts as the model. To replicate the look, we kept her skin clean and refreshed looking, using the appropriate primers before any foundation. I did not use any bronzer, just a plum blush on her cheekbones. For her eyes, I concentrated on keeping all the color (Plums/burgundy hues) on her top and bottom lash line for definition. After I lined the lashes with the darker shadow, I overlapped it with Bare Escentuals Celestine to add a shimmer. Last, but not least, we kept the lips light, but not too light, because I didn't want her to be washed out in photos. My favorite color for bridal season this year was Perpetual Plum, Maybelline's Superstay 24 Hour Color.

5. Meet Adrianna!! Stay tuned for some amazing images on the ModCloth site!

6. Jamie's wedding day makeup was inspired by Carrie Underwood! Dramatic eyes, a bold pop of color on the cheeks, and a lighter nude lip! Carbon eyeshadow by MAC helped me create this sultry look! Ashley Maxwell was her photographer... I'm drooling over the images already and I haven't even seen them yet!

7. My dear friend Taylor got married this August, and I was honored to be part of her special day! I decided that my new favorite blush color for blondes is Gaiety by Nars-it is sooo pretty!

8. This year, I have been doing lots of bridesmaid up-dos! Thank goodness for my amazing Hot Tools curling iron!

9. Stop by the Favour Shoppe Blog for some skincare tips!

10. Every time a bride tells me they are searching for the perfect location for their destination wedding-I can't help but tell them about The Azul Resort in Cabo. It is one of the most peaceful and beautiful resorts ever. Our first visit was for our honeymoon, this time around we went with some friends... so while the boys had their guy time, us girls spent the day at the Paz Spa getting massages!

11. August 21st was my 2 year anniversary with the hubs. Omg! How time flies!! I feel like yesterday we just got married! We spent a night in Monterey at the Clement Hotel. The room came with a fire place, chocolate anchovies, and Elemis bodycare!!

12. I normally get the standard pedicures when I go to the salon... but I decided to try something unusual and out of my box on my last visit to Lavande, and opted for the Chocolate Pedi. While I enjoyed  by chocolate covered almonds, hot cocoa, and all the sweet smelling lotions-my favorite part was the mud masque they used on my legs. My skin looked so bright after!

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Updated Traditions

Traditions are so nice to have, especially during the holidays like Easter... you can count on that activity to happen ever year right!? What happens when your traditions need to be altered? Do you embrace it or do you hesitate the change?  When it comes to your image, are you more traditional or are you more updated... I tend to be a mix of both. I enjoy adding a bold statement piece to an everyday basic outfit, and I recommend using this method for your makeup bag too-just update one area, whether it's your eyes or will really transform your image.

Floral prints are a must in your closet this season, and you can't go wrong with this Bellatrix Sheer has that "old lady" kinda feel that you can't help but love, with a contemporary color palette. Pair it with a chunky bold necklace and bold hot pink lips, or some simple pearls and a light pastel's the best of both worlds.

I have been obsessed with hair bun's lately-this too can be traditional or it can be trendy depending how you are wearing it... and it's SUPER easy and fast! (Stay tuned I will give in to my secret for the perfect hair bun soon...)

Last but not least, a winged eyeliner is such a classic look that has never gone out of style. Update your eyes by trying new formulas.. maybe you've been using a liquid pen for years-try a gel formula and see if anyone notices?? And vise versa... if you've been using a gel liner or pencil-try a liquid pen next time you replenish your makeup bag. There are always new products in the industry, and when you broaden your options you will strengthen your artistry skills at the same time! To see a tutorial on a simple winged eyeliner look click here.

Happy Easter my friends! Enjoy the beautiful flowers, the wonderful feasts, and the special memories with your family and friends tomorrow!


Have a Girly New Years Eve!

Can you believe it's the end of 2011? What a wonderful year it was! I am super excited to spend the evening with my hubby...and have a day off tomorrow to rest. While I won't be getting dolled up this year, I thought you gals would appreciate some Girly New Years Eve inspiration.

1. Stay true to your girly self with a light pink polish that is very close to your original nail color...ask your manicurist to jazz one finger up a bit to enter 2012 with a sparkle!

2. A classic big bun looks great with any sequin with sophistication this New Years Eve.

3. Add a touch of glitter to the corners and outside of your eyes this year just because you can!

4. When the clock strikes, make sure you leave a bright pink kiss on your man's cheek so everyone knows he is yours!

Have a safe, and fun night my friends. I have SO many fun things planned for January so check back in regularly to see some fun pictures and hear all about my adventures.


Get unStuck

Life can become routine: sleep, eat, work... In the midst of your daily routines, you become comfortable with having the same food, watching the same TV show...and repeating the same steps to your beauty ritual. Any type of curve-ball gets most in a frenzy, especially when your favorite product is discontinued-horrible I know. Lately, I have been feeling kind of "stuck" in my week. So I am going to challenge myself to get unStuck.

1.Mascara is the easiest way to get unStuck from your beauty routine. You need to replenish this product so often, why not try something new....and SHOCKING! I love the smell of YSL...and the length it provides is a little crazy!

2.While technology is the future, I am hesitant to join the crowd but an ipad is the perfect way to showcase my portfolio. I will be facing my fear of trying something new, with a Tory Burch to help guide me.

3. I always do my own manicures, I've been inspired to create designs with Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen.

4. My goal is for my hubby to try new things too-pedicures at the spa with me! I am going to learn how to use a cuticle trimmer in the meantime for at home maintinence.

5. I needed to re-vamp my color and have had no time to visit my friend's salon....This NEW formula by Garnier only takes 10 minutes. Time saver, yes please! ...and I noticed it did not stain by sink like some have in the past.

6.I've been intrigued with styling my hair more, so these small Conair clear poly bands are perfect to assist me.

7.Whole foods gets me into trouble...and for some reason they decided to put a beauty isle next to the dairy. Pistachio Foot Repair Cream has been starring at me for a few weeks now. It was under $8 so I decided to give it a go. It's hydrating and has a oilier texture than a normal lotion or cream.

Are you stuck in a rut? What new things have you tried lately?


An "Exhibit" of My Own

This is the second photoshoot where photographer, Ashley Batz and I partnered with JE Model Management. We had the pleasure of meeting Emmalee Froenlich  this past week! Her own personal style reflects the trends of the 70's and she had the best eyebrows!!

Photographers Kim A. Thomas and Ashley picked out a few favorite pieces from Madewell-while I styled accessories, hair, and makeup. Special thanks to FAUX Lash for completing Emmalee's look with the oh-so fluttery Sasha lashes. SERIOUSLY. THEY ARE STUNNING!

FAUX Lash-Sasha

To achieve this hair style: curl small sections of the hair like this and use LOTS of hairspray. Pull all the hair up to the top of the head and tie with a hair band. Pull the pony tail tight! Braid a small section of the pony tail, and wrap it around the band to cover it (use a bobby pin to secure in the back). To soften the curls, and add more volume...tease the top and middle of the pony tail (in small sections). Set the look with hair spray.

Flutterfall Skirt by Madewell

I have been dreaming of using Exhibit-A blush, by NARS, for months! Ever since I saw the Thakoon Fashion Show-finally I got to paint a face with it!! It is a verrry pigmented product, so if you would prefer a lighter version of this hue, use a loosely bound blush brush. Always ensure your blush and lips coincide with their undertones. Exhibit-A, has a red/orange undertone that pairs perfectly with Laura Mercier's Sunrise Lip Colour (Also seen here).

Creme Lip Colour in Sunrise by Laura Mercier

Normally I would opt for a lighter eye, since the blush and lips are so bold. Yet, something vibrant on the eye was the only thing that seemed right. NARS Matte Eyeshadow in Outremer captivates my eyes! I wanted the color to show it's true strength, so I used MACs paint pot in painterly as my base, and simply pressed the shadow onto the lid. I stopped as I reached the crease, and used a pony tail brush to soften the edges.

Lily Lace Dress by Madewell

What is your favorite product I used on Emmalee?