Travel Friendly

It's that time again! A Miss is going to be a Mrs. this Friday, and I get the pleasure to make her feel like a true Bride. Normally, I prep the night before, frantically packing my supplies...but since I have been so busy I have been prepping either in a week in advance, or at least a few nights beforehand. I keep my brush supply in a plastic bin, and always make sure my favorites are washed. Not only is it better hygiene, clean brushes apply makeup more effectively and evenly.
Brush Brands: Rock & Republic, MAC, Bare Essentials, Prescriptives, Smashbox, and Shu Uemura
I change my kit's color choices often, because every bridal party has a different style, so I travel with items that are specific for the individual's theme. But, I ALWAYS travel with these items:

1. Cotton
2. Q-Tips
3. Mascara Wands
4. Lip Wands

5. brush cleaner 6. makeup remover 7. facial toner 8. moisturizer 9. eye cream 10. lip exfoliator 11. lash glue 12. anti-bacterial hand cream
13. dual pencil sharpener 14. tweezers 15. eye lash curler 16. scissors

Hope your weekend is lovely! I will post pictures of the gorgeous bride as soon as I can get my hands on some pictures....I CAN'T WAIT!!