Makeup bag secrets

Intriguied by Others...

Do you ever want to know what's inside someone's bathroom cabinet? you love digging through your girlfriend's makeup bag? You could own it all, but there is something intriguing about what the girl next to you has. Enjoy a peak into some lovely gals bathrooms, see their latest purchases...ooh and look into their purses!!!


Travel Friendly

It's that time again! A Miss is going to be a Mrs. this Friday, and I get the pleasure to make her feel like a true Bride. Normally, I prep the night before, frantically packing my supplies...but since I have been so busy I have been prepping either in a week in advance, or at least a few nights beforehand. I keep my brush supply in a plastic bin, and always make sure my favorites are washed. Not only is it better hygiene, clean brushes apply makeup more effectively and evenly.
Brush Brands: Rock & Republic, MAC, Bare Essentials, Prescriptives, Smashbox, and Shu Uemura
I change my kit's color choices often, because every bridal party has a different style, so I travel with items that are specific for the individual's theme. But, I ALWAYS travel with these items:

1. Cotton
2. Q-Tips
3. Mascara Wands
4. Lip Wands

5. brush cleaner 6. makeup remover 7. facial toner 8. moisturizer 9. eye cream 10. lip exfoliator 11. lash glue 12. anti-bacterial hand cream
13. dual pencil sharpener 14. tweezers 15. eye lash curler 16. scissors

Hope your weekend is lovely! I will post pictures of the gorgeous bride as soon as I can get my hands on some pictures....I CAN'T WAIT!!


Dreaming while Awake

Free People's blog is super inspiring. They always have these earthy, gypsy looking pictures that allow you to continue dreaming while awake. I feel like I want to travel the world when I read their posts...

It's fun to have access to other makeup artist's kits-especially when it's for a catalog. Most girls I know love to dig around their BFF's makeup bag and "borrow" some new escape your daily routine of "you" and get to be "her" for a second. NARS is a brand that I dream about day and night, and I would die to dig around Francois Nars' makeup kit, and escape into his world for a second...sigh... I find that Free People uses NARS quite often, wonder if they feel the same as me?

I love the final product of a photo shoot, but sometimes I get giddy over the behind the scenes pictures even I wanted to share my excitement for Free People's April Catalog!

products used:
1. nars copacabana on cheekbone
2. black eye pencil
3. black mascara
4. stila gerbera on cheek and into the lip
5. bobbi brown eyeshadow in cement
6. nars lipstick in barbarella

Free People April Catalog Look 2

Free People April Catalog Look 2


Favorite Artist of the Day-Lori Taylor

As an artist, I love to learn from other artists. My fellow MUA give me new ideas, techniques, and inspiration for my passion in painting faces. Smashbox's leading MUA, Lori Taylor, has a unique style, and her makeup applications are always flawless. Follow her on Facebook, and check out her website to gather inspiration to push your style to a new level today.


What's in Rihanna's Makeup Bag?

Women in the music industry are a large part of the worlds fashion trends, they make their statements and we replicate them. Rihanna has been extremely successful in her career, and over the years her idea of fashion has evolved. She went from a soft dainty girl, to a hard rocker chic, into a sophisticated woman. Rihanna grew up with a makeup artist as her mother. And although she was unable to wear makeup as a child, she grew to be the face of Covergirl. These pictures are of Rihanna for Interview December 2010 by Mikael Jansson. I love how colorful the makeup is for this shoot. Flawlessly bright for Spring!

Rihanna's Favorites:

1.Tweezerman slant tweezers, $20;
2.Mac Fluidline Eyeliner Pot, $15;
3.Essie nail polish in Wicked, $8;
4.Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder, $32;
5.Mac Blush Brush No. 136, $62;
6.Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Mascara in Extreme Blue, $28;
7.Covergirl Wet Slicks Gloss in Watermelon Splash, $6;