Casual Memories

The other day my hubby and I went to have dinner at our newly married   friends' home. We had a wonderful meal, spent hours contemplating   their new furniture placement, and most of all enjoyed each others company. It was a great night, where we all created happy memories together. It's  always fun having a place to go, an event  to get dolled up for, especially when it's with great friends!

I  decided to stay casual with my clothing sine we were going to a friend's  home, but dressed up with a bold jade necklace! I kept my makeup fresh  and clean! I also lined my bottom lash and filled my water line with MAC's  eye Kohl pencil in Fascinating. Just like this look here, I added some flair to my bottom lash line by pressing a lime colored shadow over the white pencil; starting with a white base allows the green color to show  up brighter, and last longer!!
Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish by Essie

Sometimes the best memories are made in the most comfortable and casual places, sometimes the simplest additions to your makeup make people remember you...


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