Shall we dance?

I love meeting new friends, because they always introduce you to other new friends! I feel like "networking" normally leads to inspiring friendships, people who push you to be a better person because they carry the same passion for the industry of art.

While Ashley Batz and I have known each other for only a few months, we have already collaborated on a variety of photo shoots. She introduced me to Kiera Lloyd, a darling dancer who needed some updated head shots for her studio. It's always nice when you walk into someone's home that you have never met and instantly are able to have a seamless conversation...I love learning about my client's background, what they do for fun, and their future dreams.

I was enchanted by Kiera's flawless skin, I told her she should be a Free People model!! Right?? While I dolled her up with neutral makeup colors and curled her hair, I was mostly captivated with her laugh. It was happy, it was contagious, and it was genuine.

Ashely seems to snap the photo at the perfect moment during their session together, and has captured some wonderfully graceful movements by Kiera.

XOXO Priscilla