Add this to your wish list...

When I started dated my husband, his family would always request a wish list for Christmas. Some people are good at knowing exactly what they want, but it takes me forever to come up with a list to give to people. Was this a childhood tradition for you? Or did your family just buy whatever they thought was best for you? Well, maybe I can help you add a few items to your "wish list" this season...or maybe find a few gifts for your gal pals...

Lately my hair has become dry and more prone to tangle, Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo + Conditioner actually does what it says and detangles my hair! As for the Moroccan Oil, yes it is a higher price point, but it works. I have used lower price points from the drugstore, and they just aren't as hydrating and healing.

Hair doesn't need to be washed daily, but when you are working out or feel a bit uneasy with your natural oil production... dry shampoo is a great solution for this issue. I found Batiste at Urban Outfitters for $8.00 and was a bit over zealous and purchased a couple different scents. I'm a little bummed with the white residue it leaves, you really have to comb out the hair...otherwise your hair looks very grey. It definitely absorbs oil, but gives no volume. I still prefer Oribe over any other dry shampoo...I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

In the past I would use the same facial cleanser in the AM and PM, but there isn't really a need for me to get a deep cleanse when I just wake up. So, I started using Dior's Instant Cleansing Water just to freshen up in the AM. It's also nicknamed the lazy girl cleanser, so it can be used with a cotton pad to remove any makeup before bedtime (works great on mascara too). It leaves no residue behind so you won't feel sticky after.

Dior's One Essential seems to be a confusing product for most. It says 'super serum' on the bottle, so it has been taking over the 'serum' step for alot of people's skincare routines, but it's actually a detox product...and should be used under a serum and facial cream to help those products be more effective. It can assist any skincare routine to be 4x more efficient, so feel free to start using it with whatever you got going on already. I do have an unusual breakout since I have started this purging process, and haven't decided if I am ok with it or frustrated by it. I'm still using it to get rid of the impurities in my skin... so we shall see what happens.

As we age our lips will become smaller as they loose moisture- I highly recommend Dior's Lip Maximizer as a treatment for fuller lips. I use it 2x a day (morning and evening) sometimes 3x depending on if I remember to throw it in my purse. It has hydrated my lips, so they have not become chapped yet during this cooler weather, and my bolder red lipsticks aren't bleeding like they use to. (Great tip for the Holidays!)

This last month, my skin became ultra sensitive-so when this happens-eliminate product and reintroduce things slowly back into your routine. I haven't figured out what I was sensitive to, but during this process I fell for Cetaphil's Gentle Daily Cleansing bar and I am no longer a snob to this "sensitive" product.

Allure's November issue had an article on dark circles and I found the information quite intriguing ...did you know rubbing your eyes can cause this irritating discoloration!? Unfortunately, it can also just be in your fix this issue, find a corrector that will cut the purple/green/blue circles. Giorgio Armani cosmetics has a pink and orange corrector that I like to combine with my concealer to achieve a flawless look. Make sure to prep with eye cream, and set with a translucent powder if you normally see creasing at the end of the day.

One way to distract from sleepy eyes is to enhance the lashes. In the past I felt a lash primer was an unnecessary step (I am just lazy though) and now I am obsessed!!!! Dior's Lash Maximizer hydrates and conditions your lashes, as well as adds volume and length before mascara. LOVE THIS PRODUCT-it makes a drastic difference!

Dior Extase's brush was inspired by the layers of a dress awww... this mascara will capture your short and long lashes for a fuller effect, while promoting future growth too. The brush reminds me of my all time fav YSL but with no flaking at the end of the day.

*For best results, start at your lash base and wiggle into the tips.

Hmmmm, you can't go wrong with a cinnamon scent for the Holidays! I stock up on Illume Boulangerie candles at Anthropologie every time I visit. I have a weakness for candles, they help release stress and make my home smell delicious!

Now you have lots of new things to add to your wish lists for Christmas. Happy Tuesday friends!

Priscilla Francine