change can be a good thing.

While working in the beauty industry I have noticed most people have skin concerns. Sometimes I hear people say they do not use skincare because they do not want to be perceived as high maintenance. Taking care of your skin is NOT high maintenance-It is another way of preserving your mental and physical health...AND men need skincare just as much as women do...because men have skin too! 

When I hear my clients express their frustration about their skin, I want to find them a solution so they can feel better about themselves. So lets talk about convenient products for the guys and the girls to change how we view taking care of our skin!! Let's make this change an easy change!

Great for the guys: Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer

Pure Oat Extract

Why he loves it...

1. My hubby is not a fan of body moisturizer due to the sticky residue it can leave behind. The Vaseline Spray & Go is great for guys because it really does dry fast, and it is non-greasy! 
2. Easy application for a guy on the go-Moisturizes in seconds, so you can put your clothes right on! 
3. There are fragrance free options or light natural fragrance options.

Why she loves it...

It's not an intimidating product so it will be used over and over again-no more dry skin for your main man! He may even go out and replenish it on his own (mine did, so there's hope for yours too!

Great for the girls: DiorSnow UV Protection BB Creme

Color "020"

Why she loves it...

1. The sun protection is an SPF 50, yet it feels light weight and does not smell like sunscreen! 
2. Acts as a primer-it wears well on the skin without separating, oxidation, or getting greasy. 
3. If you are running late it can act as a moisturizer! *However, I would still recommend using a moisturizer first on a regular basis.
4. Sheer, medium, or full coverage based on how much you use or how you apply it (Lately I have been using 2 pumps and applying it with just my fingers).

Why he loves it...

It's time saver, you will not have to apply multiple products to achieve a flawless complexion. He won't be waiting for you to get ready alllll day-you may even finish before he does on some days! What? I know! It is the truth ladies!

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." - Jim Rohn

Priscilla Francine