StiVectin-AR (NIA-114 + Retinol)

Skincare companies claim to change your life, and if you have been following my blog from the beginning you know I am a skeptic to most claims. But I also don't talk about anything on this blog if I don't believe it works. While I may be a skeptic, this blog is a place for positive words only. With that being said, StriVectin's Advanced Retinol Night Treatment is officially amazing my friends!

1.What is StriVectin-AR? Combination of two powerful anti-aging actives, clinically proven NIA-114 (bioactive form of Niacin or Vitamin B3) molecule and Retinol.

2.Directions: Use nightly on clean, dry skin, apply over entire face or concentrate on areas of concern.

3.What should StriVectin-AR do for you?
-Strengthen and build-up the skin barrier
-enhance durability
-even out skin tone
-increase radiance
-smooth out the skins texture

4.How did my skin change?
-The deep line on my forehead has diminished-its only been a few weeks-and I can barely see it anymore! ---Overall, my skin is more firm and has a bouncier feeling to it.

I was hesitant to use a Rentinol...BUT... NIA-114 will activate Retinols' age fighting powder to work harder, faster, and more efficiently while reducing sensitivity commonly associated with Retinol. I did not notice any sensitivity in my skin at all. Sigh of relief...

Try using Christian Dior's One Essential Detox Super Serum under StriVectin-AR. It will help speed up the penetration so you will see the results at an even faster speed. (I did note in my previous post that I was experiencing a breakout while using One Essential. The purging process ended, and I have had no breakout since.)

Also, now that you have this flawless complexion thanks to StriVectin. Continue using a SPF of some sort during the day to protect your skin from future damage. I am currently using DiorSnow BB Cream SPF 50. It's great because of the high sun protection + it's light weight and not greasy!

Next test...the hubby's skin! Let's see how SriVectin-AR works for him now!