Ultimate Body Wrap

Body wraps are extremely effective treatments in the Spa Industry, and having an at home maintenance program is quite convenient for my lifestyle. You can wrap while doing household chores so no need to sit/lay down (unless you would like to).

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator 

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a 45 minute process, and the detox lasts for 72 Hours. I purchased 3 sets (4 wraps in each box), and I have completed 1 set which I concentrated on my abs. My next set will be on my thighs, and I will use my last box on my arms. I personally noticed more definition in my stomach after the 2nd wrap.

Tips to follow while wrapping:

*Do not drink coffee or alcohol during the 72 hours.
*I highly recommend a large amount of water intake so that you do not experience any headaches from lack of caffeine.
*Cut the wrap in half when applying it to the arms or legs.
*Rinse body off with water but try to avoid using any cleanser/product in the area you would like to wrap.

While this can assist in weight loss, its still necessary to work out and eat healthy. For some, it can be a great quick fix to slip into that adorable dress for a special occasion.  I believe a body wrap is wonderful to remove toxins from our system, break up fat cells, hydrate the epidermis, firm loose skin, and help reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

I'd love to hear about your results after you try one!

Priscilla Francine