Product Junkie

Before a product goes into my "client" kit... I test out many options, formulas, and companies because I want to guarantee it will do what it says before I trust it. Or maybe I just have a makeup junkie problem... either way here are a few new things to love:

1. Eyebrows make or break the face, and most women have over plucked throughout the years. Brow powder can add length or fullness where needed, or completely change the shape which could alter your entire look. Bobbi Brown's Brow Kit has 2 color options which will offer you a more natural look.

Take MAC's 266 Small Angle Brush and draw one single line for a guide on the bottom side of your brow. Next, blend the lighter color with Smashbox's #12 Angle Brow Brush into the rest of the brow shape.

2. Nail polish can be used to create some serious art work now days. There are so many options in formulas, hues, and patterns to paint...if you are a collector of nail polish-I hope you already have at least one limited edition from the Nars Thakoon collection. It was no question that I needed Kutki.  (This color lasted on the nail bed, but when time to remove it was super easy to get off)

3. I'm a sucker for any type of mud masks...and Whole Foods. Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin was such a great price it was worth the gamble to test it out! $14.99! The key ingredient is obviously (Organic) tomatoes, which contains Lycopene, a potent antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables. Mud masks are great for oilier skin types, they will clear out any clogged pores!

4. Remember my last experiment at Target? Keep it Red was a bit too bold for a bride and I wanted to add a few color options to my kit for my clients. Say hello to thee most amazing bridal hue by Maybelline...Perpetual Plum 055!!! It's the same color as the lip just intensified, with a slight golden shimmer in the right lighting.

5. Concealers under the eyes are tricky for some skin types. Hence my post on eye creams. While I love Bobbi Brown's concealer and correctors, they can sometimes crease on drier eyes. When I am working with a bride or model I need the product to last the entire day. I trust that Estee Lauder's Double Wear will do what it says. It promises to last 15 hours and is perspiration resistant! I have these in every shade because they work!

6. Yes, it's another Yes To Tomatoes product... I went at little crazy because I bought more than I am showing you. My hubby and I are both trying the Daily Balancing Moisturizer. It's pretty hydrating which does leave my skin a bit shiny at the end of the day, but it is light weight so I do not notice the formula. (The pump gives you more product than you expect so press down gently!)

7. No 'zit' Sherlock. I'll admit the title got me. But can you blame me? With a name like that, it has to work! I really wanted the serum but had to settle with the spot treatment due to what was available. I apply this after my toner, before my moisturizer. I use it 2x a day, and have not seen any dryness in the rest of my skin. There is only 2% salicylic acid and I could go for 5% but am pretty content with the product so far.

As you can tell I enjoy trying new things... what have you tried lately?? Any recommendations?


Wants of the Week

My dear cousin, was gracious enough to gift me a sephora gift card. What a surprise, and what a treat! I am so excited to have a little is what I am thinking...

1. Backstage Brow Kit, By Dior-my brows are my signature trait, I need them to face my day. I would love to create fun NEW shapes depending on my mood...or maybe just use them on my clients?!
2.Galion (Slate Grey) nail color By Nars-a girl can never have enough polish...
3.Balms Away, By The Balm- I enjoy their packaging, this is one of their best it's a must to try...and I'm always in need of makeup remover-so it's practical!!
4. Sparkling Lickable Body Powder (Marshmellow)By Urban Decay-HOW FUN! I am in awe of their Holiday collections, the photo shoots are stunning. It makes me want to paint faces...and my body with this neat lil'puff!
5. HD Foundation, By Makeup Forever- my gal, Amanda, writer of Veganlicious, uses this foundation and her skin always looks healthy and fresh.
6. FatgirlSlim Treatment Kit, By Bliss-Back in the day, when Fatgirlslim first hit stores, I bought it. I did not use it I saw no difference, BUT this kit is a super great $ and it comes with the brush (I really wanna give it another try!!)

What would you get at Sephora????