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How to achieve Taylor's Daytime Look:

1. Prep skin with BareMinerals Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer, concentrating the product under the eye area and onto the cheeks... use whats left around the lips and on the tops of the brows with your fingers.
2. Correct any darkness under the eyes with Giorgio Armani's Master Corrector and conceal with Estee Lauder's Double Wear Concealer.
3.  Perfect the skin using Christian Dior's Airflash. Learn how to apply it here.
4. Set any oily areas (mainly the T-Zone and under the chin) with a loose translucent powder.
5. Pink Blush always offers a youthful look, I used BareMinerals Ready Blush in The Tease to create structure and add some life to the complexion.
6. Eyebrows were a main focus for this styled video. I lined the brow with Dior's Universal Brow Styler and than set  the brow with Bobbi Brown's Brow kit for a softer, yet fuller look.
7. The eyes were clean and fresh, using only neutral tones from Dior's 5 Couleurs Pallette, Incognito.
8. Always match your blush's undertone with your lip color's undertone: Taylor is wearing Pink Plaid by MAC.

How to achieve Taylor's Luxury Event/Evening Look:

1. Take the first look from day to night by adding just a few extra steps!!!
2. Add drama to the eyes, and channel the 1960's with a winged liner... learn step by step here! Also, add a beige/taupe blending color in the crease. This will add a nice soft shadow to compliment the liner.
3. Apply False Lashes for extra oomph!
4. Tone down the pink blush with a little bit of foundation...and use a soft matte bronzer for a contoured look. Highlight the top of the cheekbones for a subtle glow using BareMinerals Flawless Radiance.
5. Blot your lips, and go for a nude! I created my own color mixing together a couple of glosses to achieve this peachy-nude. The main gloss was Feathered (LipTar) by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics to make it a creamier texture.

Videography: VIDDYON 
Makeup: Priscilla Francine 
Photography: Delbarr Moradi 
Dresses & Earrings: Rent The Runway 

Priscilla Francine

Booking Brides {Summer 2013}

While it is only January 9th...2013 seems to be already booked up! My phone calender has too many little dots notifying me of events to come this year.

Looking back, I had an amazing 2012. I was blessed to meet some amazing women, and getting to work with them on their special day was such an honor! Honestly, every single girl I met was stunning-personality wise as well as just straight up good looking. It was so cool to connect with strangers, and once we met, there was a comfortably-like we have been friends for years. Hearing about their proposals, listening to their dreamy honeymoon plans... I love every moment I get with my brides!

Location: Rose Hotel in Pleasanton // Hair by Kellie Gish Renzulli // Photography by Ashley Maxwell
Location: Grace Vineyards in Elk Grove // Photography by Ashley Maxwell
Location: Hecker Pass Winery in Gilroy // Hair by Danielle Derksen // Photography by Ashley Maxwell
Location: Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco // Photography by Ashley Maxwell

Now, on to business! I am officially booking for the summer of 2013-it is never to early to start booking your wedding vendors. The earlier the better, because time sure does fly. If you or a friend are getting married, contact me via email at

My commitment to you is picture perfect skin, kissable lips, and eyes your future Hubby will never forget! (...and we will have a great time together too!) Never feel like you are bothering me...this is my job-it's what I love to do. Even though it breaks my heart, if I am unavailable I will help you find another makeup artist that you will love!!

When contacting me, please provide the date and location of your special event. View more details and prices hereI AM SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU! 

Congratulations on your special day,

Priscilla Francine

Comfy and Glamorous!

Offer me a day of relaxation at anytime in the week...and I am all there! I'm not sure if it was ingrained in me as a child, but either way my father taught me to love tropical trees and my mother taught me a maxi dress is a staple in your closet. I have come to the conclusion I am definitely my parents daughter. Although I am a fan of glitz and glamour, I will always choose choose to be comfy. So the question is...How do you make comfort, glamorous?

Cotton Spandex Jersey Tube Dress in Imperial Purple {American Apparel}

Take for example, eyelashes. Some styles look heavy, and they feel heavy. It's one of the worst feelings to wear a heavy, plastic band that is forcing you to squint the entire night. The lighter the lash band the better to be comfortable. There are 3 options that are easy to apply and easy to wear... 

1. Individual lashes are great for someone who has never attempted to wear false lashes, may have sensitive eyes, or chooses to wear little makeup during "regular" life. You can add drama to the ends by applying them in a close bunch and slowing spread them out as you get closer to the inside of the eye. 

2. The Half-lash is recommended for those who desire to wear a fuller lash but may not have the desire to go all the way with a full band. This will pick up the ends of the eye and give ya a mini face lift. They are super easy to place on your eyes too! 

3. Want a full lash for more drama?! I am wearing the Audrey's by FAUX in this post. Their is a trick to blending your fake lashes with your real lashes...first curl your lashes and add 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara. Next, curl your false lash at the base before apply a small amount of glue to the band. I like to use an eyelash applicator (mine is from Shu Uemura). Always ensure the band is placed directly on your natural lash line for maximum comfort. Lastly, you can curl your lashes once more and than fluff them with your fingers.
Buxom Full-Bodied Lip Gloss In Yoo Hoo
Lip products come in all sorts of textures and flavors. Some like their gloss sticky and some can't stand it! I prefer a more hydrating gloss, one that will eventually absorb without leaving a film on the inside of my mouth. Here are a few lines I like: For a regular lip gloss try Dior Addict Ultra Shine Gloss collection, they are super shiny and still long wearing. I appreciate lip products that do more than just add color, and if you would like a lip plumper with out the tingle, try Bare Minerals Buxom Full-Bodied Lip Gloss.

Curled ends of hair with a 2" Iron {Hot Tools}
As for a foundation, it depends on your preference in formula and texture. Do you like cream? Liquid? Powder? or Minerals? For a comfortable creamy consistency, try the Benefit Play Stick (oily to normal skin type) or the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (normal to dry skin-type). There are SO many liquids I can tell you about, but lets start off slowly.... The Estee Lauder BB cream offers wonderful coverage with a light weight feeling (and it will do alot more for your skin in the long run), or try Vitalumiere Aqua Utra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup. MAC is sufficient for a foundation powder, with plenty of color options to choose from! Minerals are a girls second best friend...and if you like them in a loose formula I will always recommend Bare Escentuals. Yep, it's not a powder. It's creamy once you buff it into the skin (the coverage all depends on the brush.)

Once you start playing around with new products you will find makeup can be comfortable, and simplicity is always best! Enhance your natural beauty ladies-don't cover it up!

Priscilla Francine 

Product Junkie

Before a product goes into my "client" kit... I test out many options, formulas, and companies because I want to guarantee it will do what it says before I trust it. Or maybe I just have a makeup junkie problem... either way here are a few new things to love:

1. Eyebrows make or break the face, and most women have over plucked throughout the years. Brow powder can add length or fullness where needed, or completely change the shape which could alter your entire look. Bobbi Brown's Brow Kit has 2 color options which will offer you a more natural look.

Take MAC's 266 Small Angle Brush and draw one single line for a guide on the bottom side of your brow. Next, blend the lighter color with Smashbox's #12 Angle Brow Brush into the rest of the brow shape.

2. Nail polish can be used to create some serious art work now days. There are so many options in formulas, hues, and patterns to paint...if you are a collector of nail polish-I hope you already have at least one limited edition from the Nars Thakoon collection. It was no question that I needed Kutki.  (This color lasted on the nail bed, but when time to remove it was super easy to get off)

3. I'm a sucker for any type of mud masks...and Whole Foods. Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin was such a great price it was worth the gamble to test it out! $14.99! The key ingredient is obviously (Organic) tomatoes, which contains Lycopene, a potent antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables. Mud masks are great for oilier skin types, they will clear out any clogged pores!

4. Remember my last experiment at Target? Keep it Red was a bit too bold for a bride and I wanted to add a few color options to my kit for my clients. Say hello to thee most amazing bridal hue by Maybelline...Perpetual Plum 055!!! It's the same color as the lip just intensified, with a slight golden shimmer in the right lighting.

5. Concealers under the eyes are tricky for some skin types. Hence my post on eye creams. While I love Bobbi Brown's concealer and correctors, they can sometimes crease on drier eyes. When I am working with a bride or model I need the product to last the entire day. I trust that Estee Lauder's Double Wear will do what it says. It promises to last 15 hours and is perspiration resistant! I have these in every shade because they work!

6. Yes, it's another Yes To Tomatoes product... I went at little crazy because I bought more than I am showing you. My hubby and I are both trying the Daily Balancing Moisturizer. It's pretty hydrating which does leave my skin a bit shiny at the end of the day, but it is light weight so I do not notice the formula. (The pump gives you more product than you expect so press down gently!)

7. No 'zit' Sherlock. I'll admit the title got me. But can you blame me? With a name like that, it has to work! I really wanted the serum but had to settle with the spot treatment due to what was available. I apply this after my toner, before my moisturizer. I use it 2x a day, and have not seen any dryness in the rest of my skin. There is only 2% salicylic acid and I could go for 5% but am pretty content with the product so far.

As you can tell I enjoy trying new things... what have you tried lately?? Any recommendations?


Azure Waters

Azure is so rich and elegant, it's the hue halfway between blue and cyan. My new Yves Saint Laurent 'Dessin du Regard Waterproof' Eye Pencil takes me on a {much needed} journey. Here's my imaginary setting: I'm in tropical paradise, absorbing the beauty of the water, and soaking in the sun. I think to myself, I need to take a dip in the water just to cool off...great thing I have a waterproof eyeliner on. OK, OK, baack to reality.
Foundation: Estee Lauder DayWear Anti-Oxidant BB Creme SPF 35
Earrings by H&M
 While one may feel the eyeliner is a bit steep in price at $28, it's proven it's quality to me. I applied my makeup in the morning before I left to work with a bride on her special day... I was waiting for it to transfer in my crease, or diminish in color, but it stayed in place till the evening! Yeaa, finally an eyeliner that does what it says. Pros: 1. No need to tug on skin to apply product, it glides on very easily. 2. It promises to last for 16 hours. 3. The pigment is intense! Cons: 1. I noticed the pencil wore down fast as I applied, so I'm assuming it will run out sooner than later.

I made the eyes my focus, by using a neutral peach lip color. MAC's new collection 'Hey Sailor' launched this week so I indulged myself in a few new items, like Salute lipstick. Dust on a light bronzer and wha-la you too can come with me on my imaginary vacation. Cabo is certainly calling my name...

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends! Any fun plans???

Priscilla Francine

Flawless Skin

One of the most important things to learn about makeup application is how to achieve a flawless face. ModCloth employee, Molly, was a great face model so I'm going to walk you through the steps before eyes and lips with her. First things first, learn your skin type-Most women are a combination of oily and dry, so I use multiple products to prep the skin to compliment each concern:

1. Prep the skin with Laura Mercier's Secret Finish-Mattifying liquid gel, concentrating on the T-Zone, or wherever skin is the most oily.
2. Apply an invisible creamy gel, like Laura Mercier's Oil Free Foundation Primer or Hydrating Foundation Primer on the entire face to help foundation last longer and lay natural on the skin.
3. The next step is optional, but my favorite...I love the effect Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer adds to the dull, dark, or dry skin. (Especially in photos! It adds a beautiful glow to the skin!) I only apply this product under the eyes, maybe a little on the apples of the cheeks, or anywhere necessary to add life to the face.

4. Hide dark circles or any pigmentation on the face with Estee Lauder's Double Wear Concealer
5. Shake and than Spray Dior's Airflash Foundation on a flat, blunt-cut brush and buff onto the skin.
6. Add shape to the face by contouring under your cheekbone, top of the forehead, nose, chin, and under the jaw with a matte bronzer. 
7. Add a rosy hue of color to the apple of the cheek, overlapping the bronzer just a bit.
8. Highlight the inside of the nose and sweep Soft Tints by Smashbox over the blush and bronzer. *A great trick to add volume to your lips...dust the shimmery powder in the bow of your upper lip!
9. Highlight under your eyebrow to lift and open up the eye, using Highbrow by Benefit.

10. Softly blend into the eye with a cream shadow brush, or your fingers.

Wedding Season is here-and ModCloth spent all of last week indulging it's readers in Momentous Marrry-ment! I was a guest artist, featured on their blog for the special occasion. Now that you have read all about the first steps to beautiful skin, check out my updated version of Pretty Pastel makeup to finish your look. It's a great look for any bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest! 

Priscilla Francine